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Ebay furniture items (collection only) - suggestions fo reasonable delivery services within M25

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100KitKats Tue 02-Oct-07 11:51:58

Hi, I'm new to Ebay and don't drive. I'm looking for small furniture, ie. shoe cabinets, chest of drawers, new items in flat packs, etc - nothing really bulky at this stage. Notice that many good furniture items are collection only.

I want a delivery service/person with a van to deliver within M25 area (e.g. from Watford to Wood Green, North Ldn) but I don't know where to start looking for these services. Have found the secion on delivery services/man with a van on Ebay but could do with some tips. Thanks.

olsmum Tue 02-Oct-07 20:01:19

i recently used a ebay collection/delivery service (my mum bought something 200 miles away when it was pick up only!) it only cost £10 but you would have to e-mail the seller to make sure it would be ok for a courier to collect the item for you and it was picked up at a time that suited them, you would also have to give the courier service their address and their phone number aswell as your own.

100KitKats Wed 03-Oct-07 10:20:44

Thanks. That was a real bargain - £10 for 200 miles is that right?? Have found 3 man with a van services around M25 london area and will contact them when I need to. Ta.

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