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moved to a new country

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BirthdayBabe Wed 26-Sep-07 12:49:54

I've just moved country so I'd like to use the ebay website of that country. I want to keep the same account. Does anyone know how to do this ?

sixlostmonkeys Wed 26-Sep-07 13:11:32

I think it's fairly simple. I list on both uk and .com.
I use TL to list and so I just needed to add .com to it and then I chose which site to load onto.

Try - going to the site you want and logging in - see how that goes. from the front page, click on my ebay and follow with name and password etc. You should be set to go.

Need to change your location etc in your seller details

BirthdayBabe Wed 26-Sep-07 13:16:53

that's what I tried, but typed in the wrong password ! ... doh !
seems to be working, thanks

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