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Posting to a different address

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Sidge Mon 24-Sep-07 22:13:28

I have just sold a pushchair on Ebay - the lady that has bought it has emailed me (very friendly, polite email) regarding possible despatch dates. She then sent another email asking if I can post the item to a different address from her payment address, as she has bought the pushchair for her childminder and wants it delivered to the c/m address.

What do you think? Does this sound odd, or quite reasonable? I am thinking as long as the Paypal payment has cleared I'll send it wherever she likes!

I have never sold anything so big (or expensive) on Ebay before so am probably being a bit over-cautious.

Advice please!

bluefox Mon 24-Sep-07 22:26:32

Maybe your buyer works full time and would have had to stay at home to wait for the delivery. It may be that the CM would be at home anyway and this would be easier all round? I have sometimes asked for things to be sent to me at work rather than home for this reason.

SlightlyMadSweden Mon 24-Sep-07 22:29:06

I think that by posting it to an addressed not linkewd to the pay[al that you are putting your sellers rights at risk.

You need SixLostMonkeys. She will know.

Sidge Mon 24-Sep-07 22:34:08

Thanks. I can't find anything on the Ebay help pages (they're not exactly well laid out!) and wondered if there might be repercussions.

It will be sent by Parcelforce and so can be tracked, so they can't claim non-delivery, but something is just making me go hmm

sixlostmonkeys Mon 24-Sep-07 23:05:44

you need to sell to the address given on paypal otherwise you lose your seller protection.

In the event of a dispute you need to be able to prove to paypal that the item was delivered to the address on paypal. You would be able to prove that it was delivered to her child minders' address but that would mean nothing to paypal and they would issue a refund to the buyer.

I had to inform a buyer of this today and they were fine about it. If your buyer really really wants it sending to a different address all i could suggest is that she sends you another form of payment and once it's cleared you could send it to the alternative address.

Sidge Wed 26-Sep-07 10:24:39

Thank you for your advice - it's all sorted now and posted to the correct address!

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