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Does anyone buy things in cheap shops and then sell on ebay?

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jofeb04 Mon 24-Sep-07 15:43:46

I'm really thinking of going to cheap shops, carboot sales etc, and then sell things on ebay with the minimum price as the amount I bought it for and I'll make sure p+p are covered etc.

And if you don't, do you think this could work?


sixlostmonkeys Mon 24-Sep-07 16:06:03

do some research first of the type of things you have in mind.
search completed listings and see what the items sold for.
Don't try to make a bit of extra profit in the P&p because this will make your postage charges less competitive.
Take into account the ebay/paypal fees before you decide on a start price - you could end up being out of pocket at the end of the day.

Good luck

bubblagirl Mon 24-Sep-07 16:11:14

i have sold things on e bay that i have bought ds from charity shop but put it on at 99p start and see how the bid goes it doesn't bother me alot of things i will give back to charity but other things i've become attatched to i would rather know its gone to a good home

madamez Mon 24-Sep-07 16:13:45

It's probaboly doable if you bear in mind how unpredicatble Ebay is and don't fill your house up with crap that you can't sell. You might also like to bear in mind that, in tax terms, this counts as 'trading' and your profits would be taxable, whereas just selling off your own old stuff does not.

jofeb04 Mon 24-Sep-07 16:13:47


We were planning on buying things that we liked, that way if it doesn't sell, we can keep it (or give it to presents!)

jofeb04 Mon 24-Sep-07 16:14:47

Thanks Masamez,

Tax wise, if I keep it for a week, and then sell it on, is this ok? wink

jofeb04 Mon 24-Sep-07 16:15:11

(sp), sorry - madamez

madamez Mon 24-Sep-07 21:05:32

Jofeb: I'm not an accountant so I don;t know the exact perimeters, but if you are going to do a lot of this you ought maybe to ask an accountat for advice. If it's a few bits and pieces then you might be all right but I did read somewhere that the Revenue are keeping a bit of an eye on Ebay traders who seem to be selling a lot.

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