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Not my item: but what would you pay for 1 pair of girls trousers, used good condition, on ebay?

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DaphneHarvey Wed 12-Sep-07 20:51:12

I like the look of them, but seller is charging £3.00 postage. I don't think its reasonable to expect someone to pay more than £4.00 for a second hand pair of non-designer children's trousers so am not going to bid. Am tempted to email seller explaining I would bid but have been put off by high postage, but I suspect this is not really ebay etiquette.

But ... would anyone really pay more than that for 1 item of used children's clothing?

Just curious and opinions much appreciated.

pirategirl Wed 12-Sep-07 20:53:37

i guess its alot, but seller is prob hoping to make money on that, just in case the item only goes for 5op or something.

PinkMonkey Wed 12-Sep-07 20:56:42

I hate it when people put on high postage charges to make money, why not just start the trousers at £3, grrrrrr

IHatePeopleWhoDoThis Wed 12-Sep-07 20:58:08

You would actually be surprised what some people would pay for 2nd hand clothes on ebay!

Piffle Wed 12-Sep-07 21:02:55

£3 is not excessive actually
If it is first class recorded delivery, the cost of the bag and absorbing some of the heft listing and paypal fees you get charged.

winestein Wed 12-Sep-07 21:05:13

Pinkmonkey - the answer to that is that sellers pay final value fees based on the selling price of the item - this does not include the stated postage amount. People bump up the postage to reduce the final value fee owing (and cover listing and paypal charges)

DaphneHarvey Wed 12-Sep-07 21:14:10

The starting bid price (sorry don't know the technical term) is 99p. There's nothing to suggest she's going to post first class recorded delivery. So that's £3.99 for a pair of used trousers before you start bidding. For a girl of 7!!!

Think I'm getting old. Was outraged to see mars bars are now 50p in my the corner shop. Haven't bought one for about 20 years, just noticed while I was waiting to pay for something else.

Sounding like my dear old Nana now ...

VeniVidiVernonHartshornNUMNQV Wed 12-Sep-07 21:16:26

I wouldnt.

I charged £5 p & p on a bundle of 18 garments when I sold on ebay.

For used clothes, I calculate to never pay more than maybe 60p to £1 for a garment.

I've not bought that many items of clothing mind you. I tend to buy craft stuff mostly.

PinkMonkey Wed 12-Sep-07 21:53:12

You can report the seller to eBay for making money from postage.

blueshoes Wed 12-Sep-07 22:04:10

I never look at bid price and postage separately. Always calculate the total price. For £4 starting, I would expect something quite special. Even boden can start below £4, so that item would be a no go for me. Would not make it to my watch list.

DaphneHarvey Wed 12-Sep-07 22:12:55

Exactly blueshoes. Am going to watch it just to see if anyone was a sucker.

My friend has recently given up an office job and started working from home. Also lost lots of weight, so decided to sell her old office clothes on ebay.

She sold a pair of White Stuff linen trousers that cost her £45 and wore them for 2 summers. Sold em on ebay ... they went for £30!!!

People are funny.

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 12-Sep-07 22:32:04

Some sellers on ebay bump up the postage thinking that this will make them money. Not so. If you watch several similar items, you can see that items with lower postage get more bids and sell for a higher price than the ones with bumped up postage. So even though the final valuation fee might be higher, overall you make more money if postage and start bid are low.

I have given up buying kids clothes on ebay, once they get past 2 years old the clothes are bigger and heavier. I get stuff from Primark now or a local dress agency that does kids stuff too - no postage!

winestein Wed 12-Sep-07 22:45:54

Exactly Blueshoes!

HappyMummyOfOne Thu 13-Sep-07 10:15:06

P&P is a big factor on Ebay. I dont tend to buy clothes on Ebay but wouldnt pay £3 postage on a pair of kids trousers so the seller would miss out.

I used to love Ebay, even though I only buy new items you could get some good bargains. However its not the same anymore due to people being over the top with P&P charges. I tend to find it cheaper to just order from a store online, at least then postage is capped to a set amount and there can be discount codes for free postage etc.

Piffle Thu 13-Sep-07 12:06:12

SAy If I sell a pair of trousers at 99p and £1.00pp p+p
I get charged 15p for listing plus 15p for gallery photo
FVF of 6p
plus my post sack
if you pay by paypal I also get charged 9p on that

Piffle Thu 13-Sep-07 12:07:11

that said I never pass on my charge in my auctions postage on single items would be between 90p and £2 depending on weight.
I think you get better prices on auction when p+p is low
But £3 would not be classed as excessive

blueshoes Thu 13-Sep-07 13:41:08

Piffle, paypal fees are 3.4% on the total amount + 20p. Don't forget the extra 20p! I have all but given up selling low value items on ebay (mainly outgrown children's clothes). It is such a buyers' market and even if I manage to sell, the fees don't make it worth my effort angry

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