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paypal payments

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1dilemma Thu 06-Sep-07 22:50:18

A couple of quick questions for the late night crowd grin

If I transfer money from my bank account to paypal can I use it straight away?

Is funded payapl only froma bank account and credit card payments not funded?

Have been trying to get my account set up for about 8 days now how long does it usually take? Any idea how/who to contact my bank or paypal with problems?


Niecie Fri 07-Sep-07 01:02:47

Hi there,

I can only answer the first one I'm afraid - it takes 7 to 9 days for funds to clear from a bank account to paypal so no you can't use it straight away. Goodness knows why it takes so long in this day and age but there you go.

If you can get into Paypal at all (have you got as far as a password) you could try the 'help' tag at the top of the page. There is a contact on that page.

Hope somebody else can solve the other problems.

1dilemma Fri 07-Sep-07 01:19:14

oh no I have just managed to pay someone from my paypal account with no money in it, is direct debit different can I pay that 'instantly'?
Why oh why is this so hard?
thanks for your reply

Niecie Fri 07-Sep-07 01:56:16

I think DD are different but I am not sure. What are you using the account for? I use mine mainly for ebay and I use my credit card to paypal via ebay so I never have any money in my account either.

The times I am quoting are from Paypal account. However, looking at it again it does say that you can make payments without having funds. Not sure what that means though. I didn't think you could have a Paypal overdraft.

Not sure why it is difficult - I think it is the rules that all things financial must be as hard as possible!!!grin

1dilemma Fri 07-Sep-07 20:46:11

yeah trying to pay for a pushchair I got on e bay!! It's weird isn't it again I just didn't get the bit about making payments without funds!! If you can have an overdraft I now do!!

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