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Seller fees- just had an alert from ebay

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saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 10:32:02

I have just logged into my ebay account, and an alert flaggged up. It said this

"We are writing to alert you that your monthly eBay seller fees have not been paid because your automatic payment method was declined. To continue to use eBay as normal and avoid collections, please complete the following two steps:

1. Make a one time payment via PayPal, credit card or cheque. This will be used to pay for this months invoice.
2. Update your automatic payment method. We will use this to pay for future invoices.

If you have additional questions, please refer to the bottom of this email or use our Help system by clicking on the "Help" link at the top of most eBay pages. If you are unable to answer your questions, you can click on "Contact Us" to send an email to Customer Support.

Please note - if your balance is zero or you have recently made a one time payment, please disregard this message.

eBay Inc.

It is also in my messages as an alert from ebay.
I just called my bank to find out why the direct debit had been declined and they said that ebay hadn't claimed the money yet, they hadn't put in a request, and that looking back over the account the payments never usually came out until between 11th and 16th of the month.
I ahve emailed ebay to find out wht's going on, but wondered if anyone else ever got this? I'm a bit reluctant to set up anoither DD if there is one already set up

cornsilk Wed 05-Sep-07 10:34:53

hve they taken money from this direct debit before?

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 10:36:11

Yes, they have taken it every month, for the past however many years I have been selling, about 2 years maybe

Nbg Wed 05-Sep-07 10:38:20

Have you reported the email or have you just asked ebay a question?

I was sent 2 fake emails last week. One apparently from ebay and the other from paypal. I reported them and they said they were fake.

Always worth checking them out.

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 10:40:23

It wasn't an email as such, it was a message in the "my messages" section of my ebay acocunt.
I ahve asked them a question though,

cornsilk Wed 05-Sep-07 10:49:55

I'm worried now - I got one as well. Have only just started selling with ebay so don't know what's what yet.

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 10:57:51

I'm going to keep this bumped, maybe there is a problem with their computer systems. Lets see if any other egualr sellers are around.

cornsilk, is yours defiantely in your "my messages" section? if so, click on help and email ebay. I did, still no reply though

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 10:58:07

regular i meant

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 11:04:31


cornsilk Wed 05-Sep-07 11:09:32

Yes it was in my messages and on my normal e-mail. Have just forwarded to ebay. It was from billing@ebay. Have just changed my paypal password just in case!

whoops Wed 05-Sep-07 11:11:56

I had it too but have paid them with a one off payment from paypal blush
you've got me worried now
I had the alert as soon as I signed into my ebay which is why I thought it was genuine

cornsilk Wed 05-Sep-07 11:13:29

Yes mine asked me for a payment too. I thought it was odd as I'm sure I gave bank details when I registered to sell.

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 11:13:47

I think they are genuine, as they were in "my messages" and ebay always say that anything in my messages is genuine. I just can't understand why they are saying it was delined when it wasn't even requested, and thats why I think somethings not right

whoops Wed 05-Sep-07 11:14:41

Maybe they had a problem their end?
I couldn't understand why it had happened either

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 11:17:16

like I said, lets keep this bumped, there are a few Mnetters who sell a lot more frequently that I do, they may know whats going on.

elesbells Wed 05-Sep-07 11:24:07

ive just got the same thing..payment declined..but they only sent me an invoice last night saying they were taking a payment in 5-7 working days! i know i have money in the bank so me thinks there is a problem with their computers.

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 11:37:37

That's what I think, a computer fault, otherwise we wouldn't have all got the same message

Keltie40 Wed 05-Sep-07 11:39:24

Just be careful - these emails could be phishing scams and the filter on your PC hasn't picked it up!

A helpful website where you can check current scams on ebay is

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 12:22:34

Bumping to see if anyone else has the same thing

ChippyMinton Wed 05-Sep-07 12:55:17

Nothing in my message box.

Nbg Wed 05-Sep-07 13:08:46

One thing I noticed with my dodgy emails was that it had a hotmail addy in the cc bit, so I added it to my list of contacts on msn and finally the other night this person came online.
Turns out his ebay account was hijacked and they used his email details as part of the scams they were pulling.

saltire Wed 05-Sep-07 15:58:21

There was no cc though. The email came through as being in my messages, I could only acces it by logging into my ebay account.
I still haven't had a reply from ebay, so I'm not making a one off payment, or setting up another direct debit until I find out whats going on

Elk Wed 05-Sep-07 18:35:26

Just been onto book board on ebay and they have this

myownlittleuniverse Wed 05-Sep-07 19:05:19

hi got the same message too. I paid one off payment blush glad to see the ebay link confirming it is an error in the system. What a relief not a scam.

heymammy Wed 05-Sep-07 19:09:14

Oh thank god that wasn't a scam. My heart was pounding when I read this...I happily made my one time payment this afternoon AND re-registered my cc details blush

Must be more careful next time.

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