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Novice seller needs advice

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startouchedtrinity Fri 31-Aug-07 08:44:46

I am listing something of ds's.It is the kind of thing that is v. popular and in less than 24 hrs I have 5 watchers. Now someone has asked if I will do a BIN. I deliberatelt started low to try to get more than one bidder gpoing agaist each other. Now I don'k know whether to do a BIN or let things take its course.

Any ideas?

charliecat Fri 31-Aug-07 08:45:33

Take its course

3sEnough Fri 31-Aug-07 08:47:33

Let it run - just say 'thanks but I'm going to let the auction run - good luck'.

BIN is OK is nobody else wants it but for popular items it's normally not worth it. Somebody offered £150 for my phil and teds when I sold it and I turned them down - it eventually went for over £230 and had over 100 watchers...never known anything like it!

fawkeoff Fri 31-Aug-07 08:51:05

yeah if you have a few watchers then dont bother...people just try and get in early with the BIN to save themselves some money.

startouchedtrinity Fri 31-Aug-07 09:47:00

Thank you! smile

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