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E bay advice needed Please

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chocchild Mon 27-Aug-07 14:38:49

My son has just sold a laptop on e-bay and it was bought by someone claiming to be from the UK with a UK sounding name but not UK English. He has sent a lengthy e-mail saying that he needs it for a friend in Lagos, Nigeria and that he is presently in Korea at a World Health Organisation conference.

This sounds like a con that I have heard of but can't remember what the con was. I have a bad feeling about this. Does anyone know where I stand withing e-bays rules on pulling out of the sale. Can I insist on a Postal Order.

Any advice will be appreciated.

OriginalUglyBetty Mon 27-Aug-07 14:45:36

As long as the ad stated that you would post to the uk only you can state that the postal is uk only.

Look at this for advice

http ://

Think ebay has a customer services number now if you are really stuck.

Good luck
You can usually tell alot by the feedback and how long they have been registered

charliecat Mon 27-Aug-07 14:57:27

No No No dont do it. You will be ripped off.

heymammy Mon 27-Aug-07 15:08:01

Sorry but almost certainly a scam. This has happened to me when I sold a mobile's almost always electronic goods that are targeted. I was pretty rude actually and sent them an e-mail saying basically don't waste my time.

Give the 2nd highest bidder a Second Chance Offer and just explain that the winner was a scammer. Unfortunately its pretty common but they really ruin your auction.

heymammy Mon 27-Aug-07 15:09:16

Oh...and report to ebay smile

chocchild Mon 27-Aug-07 15:14:48

Thanks for your responses. It was bought on Buy it Now and my son is SOOOO disappointed as he was so pleased to have sold it and so soon too. If I don't go ahead with the sale we will probably get negative feedback. If this happens can I get it deleted in the circumstances?

You lot are always so helpful. I can always rely on good old Mumsnet when I don't know what to do!!! smile

chocchild Mon 27-Aug-07 15:15:37

Heymamy, x posts. I will send the e-mail to e-bay. Thanks.

OriginalUglyBetty Mon 27-Aug-07 15:31:05

If they do leave negative you will be able to add a responce to it which will show under there feedback.

Given the circumstances they probably closev the account anyway as soon as ebay get in touch with them.

And yes you can also contest it, and try to claim back your listing fees not that you will see them though as long as you stated listings to uk only.

Good Luck!

chocchild Mon 27-Aug-07 17:42:06

I have just had a Paypal e-mail informing that he has paid money into my account and it's £15 more than the total should be. It says that they will not release the funds until I send them a shipping reference number - well they're never going to get one!!! Thanks all of you for your help.

heymammy Mon 27-Aug-07 17:58:57

This Paypal e-mail is all part of the scam. In fact I think another MNetter's son was done out of about £200 quid in the last week sad

Def don't post the item! Don't worry about the negative feedback as you can always respond to it.

If you're going to relist the item then add a note at the bottom saying you WILL NOT ship to Nigeria (or overseas) so please don't bid. I would also add in that your item has been relisted due to a non-paying bidder or something.

Just realised I sound very very bossy blush. Sorry...these scammers just really get my back up. Your poor ds, hope he finds a lovely genuine buyer and makes a decent amount of dosh grin

chocchild Mon 27-Aug-07 18:37:35

No you don't sound bossy; you just sound like you know what you're talking about. Thanks for all your help. Best wishes.

OriginalUglyBetty Mon 27-Aug-07 19:25:27

paypal message is part of the scam, paypal would never request this.

Report them asap x

j20baby Mon 27-Aug-07 19:33:20

chocchild-sorry to hijack, but have you tried selling on here? my friend is after a laptop for her kids, just wondered what price range you where after?

chocchild Mon 27-Aug-07 23:03:45

Hi J20, my son is selling it and he would like £160 including postage.

j20baby Tue 28-Aug-07 10:09:14

Thats sounds reasonable, the only problem is-my friend is on hol till this Sat and i can't guarentee(sp) she'll want it, but if you still have it then will you email me on J20baby @yahoo dot co dot uk? at least then you don't have to go through ebay

chocchild Wed 29-Aug-07 13:57:16

I have made a note of your e-mail address and will e-mail on Sunday if we still have it. Best wishes smile

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