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anyone been told to change their password?

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j20baby Fri 24-Aug-07 21:07:12

have just logged in and recieved this;

The password you've selected is not secure enough. Choosing a more secure password helps protect your account from identity theft and misuse because it is more difficult for others to guess.
If you choose to keep your current password, as a security measure, you may be asked to enter a special verification code when you sign in. To avoid receiving similar messages, and to protect your account, please create a more secure password.
Thank You,
eBay Inc.

does it sound dodgy or is it just a new policy?

charliecat Fri 24-Aug-07 21:08:44

is that in YOUR MESSAGES in your ebay. Or just in your usual inbox. Sounds like a scam

charliecat Fri 24-Aug-07 21:09:03

and i dont think ebay is EBAY INC.

j20baby Fri 24-Aug-07 21:10:21

no-its actually come up when i signed in-says i've got an alert!

j20baby Fri 24-Aug-07 21:11:03


charliecat Fri 24-Aug-07 21:11:40

oh...ok, shut all your pages down...sign into ebay again and change it then..weird.

j20baby Fri 24-Aug-07 21:18:38

hmm, still there in my ebay messages, needed to log in with old password and then change to a new one, very strange!

pamplemousse Fri 24-Aug-07 22:28:21

I have been asked to, I've had the same password for.... 6 years now. I changed it and the alert in My Ebay hasn't gone yet, it notifies you that your passwrod has changed, did you mean it etc tec, I think it takes a few days to go.
It is genuine I reckon, at least I changed mine and it all works as normal.

j20baby Sat 25-Aug-07 10:28:18

thanks pample, i've had the same password for about 4 years, mine did the same-still got the alert, so it must just be something they've started doing.

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