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buyer saying items not arrived due to postal strike-what can i do?if anything?

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moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 14:37:36

is postal strike still on?it didnt happen here.
anyway won harness for highchair which i desperatly need so paid extra on buy it now.left it a week after payment sent with no word and no harness so emailed and was told probably due to postal strike but they will resend.its now 2 days since that message,what now?due to postal strike do i have to just sit and wait?am desperate for harness!

nutcracker Tue 14-Aug-07 14:39:00

Well afaik last Saturdays strike was cancelled so there hasn't been ohne for a while.

Tbh even if there were, it would have got there by now.

MerlinsBeard Tue 14-Aug-07 14:39:24

what postal strike? it was weeks ago!

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 14:40:07

aahh so seller is trying it on!

Scotia Tue 14-Aug-07 14:41:01

I got a parcel yesterday that was posted 1st class last Monday. The postal strike has slowed down delivery times. I'm afraid you can't hold the seller responsible for that. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

lissie Tue 14-Aug-07 14:42:09

i got a parcel today that id won 2w ago. it ws sent out when the seller said, just didnt recieve it til today.

damn strikes.

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 14:42:21

ok so how long should i wait?

Peachy Tue 14-Aug-07 14:42:57

She m igt have tried to re-send yesterday, some (only some mind you) high street offices were closed for action

but toherwise either lost in post and she's looking for reasons (and tthings do get lost), or fobbing off

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 14:44:53

ok i said we didnt have it here so was unsure whether i was being had or not and where i stand etc.

Scotia Tue 14-Aug-07 14:45:52

Maybe leave it until tomorrow to see if it arrives, then email the seller again to ask when/if it was posted.

lailasmum Tue 14-Aug-07 14:52:10

The week before last there were strikes of different departments spread out over a week which seems to be the major culprit at slowing everything down and a lot of post seemed to get backed up. Then last week there was a strike on Wednesday. Some first and second class things are taking 2 weeks whilst some are taking 2 days its really unpredictable. If the seller has good feedback and is being helpful then I would put it down to the aftermath of the strikes and wait a little longer if not then give it a couple of days and request an immediate refund or replacement.

oliveoil Tue 14-Aug-07 14:54:58

I ordered something that was sent on July 27th, not arrived yet

seller says the the PO do not investigate until it has been 'missing' for 21 days so we are leaving it till end of August

I have ordered 2 things since that have arrived so definitely down to strikes imo

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 14:58:55

thankyou,feel better now!

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