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Some Questions about paypal to buy & sell on here - help!

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CarGirl Tue 14-Aug-07 10:00:02

I've done a search but can't see anything related to this.

If I buy something through paypal (not via ebay though) what is my protection??? For example buy a pushchair and it doesn't turn up? Do I have any protection if I've paid through payapl to claim my money back?

My dh has a £500 protection if he sells on ebay, does this count outside of ebay???


CarGirl Tue 14-Aug-07 10:27:08


madmommy6 Tue 14-Aug-07 10:29:14

Hope this is some help.

helenhismadwife Tue 14-Aug-07 10:29:42

Im not sure, but having said that I have had to put in a claim with paypal for stuff not received and its the same process as it is via ebay. I am fairly sure you have the same protection as you do it buying via ebay to get more protection you can send a credit card funded payment then you have protection from your credit card as well

helenhismadwife Tue 14-Aug-07 10:30:20

look under security centre on paypal

CarGirl Tue 14-Aug-07 10:52:35

thanks people, you seem to have protection against it not being delivered

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