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Eek - first auction, asked for BIN figure - how much?

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VickyA Mon 13-Aug-07 14:06:08

I've finally plucked up the courage to list some stuff on ebay, including an old wooden patio table I've had in the garage for YEARS, and someone's asked for a buy it now price 'cos they're away when it finishes.

The problem is I haven't got a clue what to ask..! I originally bought it from John Lewis, so can't have been cheap, but I can't find any similar ones on completed listings. This clear-out will be helping to fund our very probable move to Australia, so I don't want to give it away, but it is my first sale, so want it to go smoothly!

The item's here : hardwood garden table

Any ideas?

Thanks guys...

sixlostmonkeys Mon 13-Aug-07 15:10:09

Although similar (shape) tables appear to sell, they don't seem to go for much, although none have been in as good condition as your en+patio+table&sacat=-1%26catref%3DC6&a6=-24&a56=-24&a10244=-24&alist=a6%2Ca51%2Ca56%2Ca3801%2Ca6442 6%2Ca10244&pfmode=1&reqtype=1&gcs=1884&pfid=3286&pf_query=wooden+patio+table&sargn=-1%26saslc%3D3&sa bfmts=1&saobfmts=insif&fis=2&ga10244=10425&ftrt=1&ftrv=1&saprclo=&saprchi=&fsop=1%26fsoo%3D1&coactio n=compare&copagenum=1&coentrypage=search

i'd be tempted to ask for £25 - BUT I know nothing about these tables (I'm just going on the sale price of the others)

VickyA Mon 13-Aug-07 17:52:20

Thanks - I was thinking about asking £20. Do I just reply to the message and if she says yes that's acceptable then add the BIN to the listing?

sixlostmonkeys Mon 13-Aug-07 18:10:43


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