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Ebay sellers - can you answer my question?

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Katsma Sat 04-Aug-07 23:09:23

Am new to selling - though have bought a LOT!

Have been thinking of selling some stuff to raise some much-needed cash. To get the best return, I would like to take advantage of a 10p listing day.

But, having seen my DP spend hours getting each listing together, taking photos, etc and rushing to start the listing at the correct time...

Can I compose lots of listings at my leisure, then 'save' them to start all together on the cheapo day?

DontlookatmeIamborrrring Sat 04-Aug-07 23:10:35

If you hae turbo lister you can get everything ready and upload them on the next cheap listing day.

Skribble Sat 04-Aug-07 23:11:23

Yes you can but it costs extra, trouble with cheap listing days is everyone else does it too.

Why not compose listings on Word and cut and paste to get them all on at a decent hor, smae with pics have them all reduced to the right size and named ready to lift.

tortoise Sat 04-Aug-07 23:11:32

Use Ebay turbo lister.You can store listings on there and upload to Ebay when you like.
Also i personally avoid cheap listing days becasue alot of sellars will list that day and i have found i sell less.

3Ddonut Sat 04-Aug-07 23:12:45

As far as I'm aware you can't save your listings, but there are 'power' sellers so there must be a way of inputting a lot of items quickly, although I think that these are similar items. There are also a lot of prefilled info slots now,such as for CD's and DVD;s etc, you could certainly take all your snaps now, that seems to take the longest time in my recollection. Good luck!

ClutterJunkie Sat 04-Aug-07 23:14:43


tortoise Sat 04-Aug-07 23:14:45

Ebay Turbo lister

tortoise Sat 04-Aug-07 23:15:10

lol! Beat me by a few seconds!

ClutterJunkie Sat 04-Aug-07 23:17:22 can type up your descriptions on WORD etc and then copy/paste them to ebay when you get to the 'describe your item' bit.

have you ever listed anything i can describe a way to even add HUGE pictures FREE to your listing!!!! but shan't go into that unless you know what i'm on about!!!!

ClutterJunkie Sat 04-Aug-07 23:18:24

tortoise!!!! LOL at your mumsnet name! The hare certainly beat the tortoise this time!!!

crokky Sat 04-Aug-07 23:20:32

If you practice, you will get good at it. I can list most items in 5 or 10 minutes or sometimes less.

Listing usually costs 15p (if list for starting price of under £1). So you are saving 5p. Bump up the postage cost by 5p if you want to still save the 5p, but list at your leisure.

Also, research your items by doing a search of completed items. ie if an item always gets a few bids and ends up going for £10, you might as well start it at 99p, safe in the knowledge it will get bid up to £10 as there are so many buyers. Very occasionally, you can come unstuck with this, but not usually!

tortoise Sat 04-Aug-07 23:26:58

Lol CJ. Only because a fly buzzed past me and made me jump! Would of beaten you otherwise.

ClutterJunkie Sat 04-Aug-07 23:28:40 to bed now..!

Katsma Sat 04-Aug-07 23:46:25

Thanks everyone - lots of useful advice here. See... I didn't know you had to reduce your pic size, that would've thrown me

tortoise Sat 04-Aug-07 23:49:47

I never have to reduce pic sizes.

stillcryinginside Sun 05-Aug-07 16:03:39

I use to list on ebay, free to use and some free useful tools to use as well, you also have the ability to save your listings for cheap listing days, post later in the day etc.

Give it a try and happy selling x

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