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UK contact for customer service??

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emsyj37 Sat 13-Jul-19 11:09:54

Does anyone know how I could contact a UK person about an item I bought that never arrived? I've supplied a letter from royal mail staying that the delivery person's GPS tracker crashed and so their delivery record shows it being delivered at the sorting office, which 'is clearly wrong' (their words). Ebay agent says the letter must state the item was not delivered to my address, so I went back to royal mail to ask them to please send me a new letter clearly saying the wording they asked for and I got an email back saying that the letter provided is clear that the item wasn't delivered to my address so they won't supply anything further. Initially the eBay agent said that was ok and I would get a refund in a few days but I didn't get anything and when I chased it I got another email saying I need a letter stating the item was never delivered to my address! I replied asking for the case to be escalated to a manager but had no reply. If anyone knows who I can contact to resolve this I would be grateful. It's only £30 but it's the principle. I've provided evidence that royal mail accept they didn't deliver it but still can't get my money back! I've been using eBay with no issues for 16 years and I'm so disappointed at how they are handling this. sad

19lottie82 Sat 13-Jul-19 17:02:37

Follow the help directions on the website until you get contact options, they should include a telephone call or live chat. I’d advise the call.

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