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Anybody else think the standard of items are going downhill?

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MsHopey Wed 03-Jul-19 05:25:15

I should start by saying I have 2 very young kids and barely leave the house, so I've taken to buying almost everything online, and mostly ebay to be honest.
I'm all good with secondhand, for budget reasons more than anything else but I also buy new off there as it's cheaper than other shops.
This month alone I've had a tin of paint posted in just a black bin liner, leaking when it arrived, kids tee shirts with felt tip stains, new shoes from a business seller 5 sizes too small, a leapfrog junior where the leaking battery acid means it won't turn on, charged double postage costs for clearly recycled packaging (in general doesn't bother me, but doesn't seem worth £4!) and several things just not turn up at all 😩
Obviously the more you buy the more issues you will have, but bloody hell, it seems some people will just sell any old tat, and others just have no clue what they're doing.
I get as a seller there's a lot of shit buyers, but as a buyer there's a lot of shit sellers.

swissmilk Wed 03-Jul-19 05:32:01

Yes and yes! I buy mostly clothes second hand, with the view I can always sell them on if they don't fit.
I've had so many items that aren't even fit for the charity shop bin.
Luckily as a buyer eBay always backs you up, but it's such a waste of time, I'm pretty amazed how people think some of the items are fit for sale.
I only sell on things that are as good as new, in the past ebay was great for bargains, but now I think you pay over the odds.
I've decided it's probably a false economy buying on there, unless things are new with tags.

DontCallMeShitley Fri 05-Jul-19 11:52:04

It has always been that way. These days it is easier to see what you are about to buy though, as the photos are better and if something looks rough or there aren't enough photos you can avoid buying it. Also easier to return stuff that is no good.

Some buyers have unrealistic expectations of used items though and expect them to be brand new. Some sellers think that 'used' in the description will allow them to sell any old crap. As a buyer you need to weed the crap out before you buy.

I have been sent some grim things over the years, and maybe I know what to look for now but I have found the condition of stuff is much better than some of the grubby tat I was sent from around 2000 - 2009 which seemed to be the era of crud. I was sent various filthy pet beds, one had mouse droppings inside, one so bad it was falling apart, a mug new in box, sent in a carrier bag of old potato peelings, clothing that was petite size but not described as petite, stuff with holes in the seams, Unwashed and smelly things with labels attached from something else to make it look 'new', Fimo clay that was rock hard....and there was no was to open a case in those days, all you had was negative feedback for sellers if they didn't want to be honest.

You need to check the seller out and ask questions before parting with your money, especially with the descriptions that say 'skirt size 10' or similar and nothing else.

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