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Seller not honoring warranty!!!

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Shay85 Mon 24-Jun-19 14:03:32

Hey there!!

7 months ago I have bought an iPhone via ebay(which was the biggest mistake ever), for £450, it didn't have apple warranty, but had 1 year warranty from the seller... Few weeks ago, the phone stopped working, I took apple shop and they confirmed the phone is internally damaged and cannot be fixed the even offer a swap. So I contacted my seller and after a lot of wasted time he offered me £250 and I should return the item back, his argument I have used the phone for a very long time, my question is am fed up emailing him and explain that s he is not being fair to my case, but it looks he ignoring me, I feel a bit frustrated and being tracked or even scammed, if anyone been in the same situation could please halep am happy to take this case as far as it goes.
PS: the seller s company is UK registered company, if that would help!!!

Thank and apologies for the long message xx

19lottie82 Mon 24-Jun-19 16:47:53

If you have screenshots of the listing offering a warranty then your only real option would be to take the seller to the small claims court (after sending a letter before action). Or maybe contact citizens advice first, to see what they advise.

As you’ve prob worked out, eBay won’t get involved, beyond their standard buyer protection, if a seller offers a warranty. It’s pretty much worthless when you buy an item with one from eBay.

Shay85 Mon 24-Jun-19 17:45:29

Thanks for the reply,

That's pretty much what I had in mind, it s a bit of process, but the seller already wasted my time and have stressed me out, so I ve got nothing to lose now, I will contact citizen advice bureau first thing in the morning!!!! Thanks again x

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