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Buyer says item not working wwyd?

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jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 20:29:39

Not eBay but gumtree . Buyer messages regarding an item I’m selling I agree to meet them at expense to myself they then try and cut me down on price .
The item is a fire tablet which I factory reset on the tablet and also de registered from my account . I obviously had a try after I reset it and all looked perfect . Buyer is claiming they need my amazon email and password ? This can’t be right can it ? I tested it out by resetting my own one and setting up with new amazon account and had no issues . He has phoned me numerous times and has been rather aggressive, I have requested he send me photo of what he means and politely pointing out he needs to use or create an amazon account to use it (older foreign gentleman) and also that he is connected to WiFi etc .
He wants me to meet him tomorrow which I can’t regardless as bus costs more than I have .

Does anyone have any ideas what can be going on with the tablet ? My theory is he doesn’t understand you need to use an amazon account and may be trying to just sign in with his email etc . Has anyone had this issue before ?


SpeedofaSloth Wed 08-May-19 20:33:53

I thought you could deregister all Kindles, so taking them off your Amazon account. You can then register them to a new account, I can't think of any reason why he would need your details as long as you've deregistered the device via your own account?

jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 20:37:42

I 100% have i factory reset the tablet then deregistered it on my account before I listed it for sale . I have checked devices on my account and it’s not there , he won’t send any photo etc to show that I’m still linked to it .

slipperywhensparticus Wed 08-May-19 20:41:31

Nope he is just trying to access your account

TheLazyDuchess Wed 08-May-19 20:43:24

Can you e-mail or text him the link to the amazon create an account page?

Pipandmum Wed 08-May-19 20:45:17

If this continues ask for him to send it back and you’ll refund him. Sounds like he’s trying to scam you somehow.

jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 20:45:24

Good idea will do that . I think he’s just confused about it I’ve tried explaining to him but language barrier makes it pretty hard he just keeps insisting I give him my password and email which obviously I’m not prepared to do 😳

jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 20:51:54

I met him close to his house (at his request ) and to be honest wouldn’t feel comfortable him having my address after this , I wish I hadn’t gave him my phone number 20 calls in total today and this is only since 12 this afternoon . If there’s genuinely a problem within it I wouldn’t hesitate to meet and get it back but it’s worrying me , it was defiantly factory reset etc and I showed him it and let him mess around with it and at it showed usual stuff ie sign in /create account.
I will have money to refund him on Saturday but I really don’t want to face meeting him. I wish I had sold it to someone else but he told me it was a gift for a little girl .

jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 21:03:03

He’s threatening to go to the police if I don’t give him my details 😳 . I think I need to block him but feel really conflicted on of chance he’s telling the truth . I have advised him to contact amazon helpline since he loves phoning people 😒 hopefully they can assist him .

ny20005 Wed 08-May-19 21:07:34

Block his number 😱

jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 21:12:18

I sent him one last message trying to help him understand I will be blocking him now , hopefully don’t hear any more from him

mummymayhem18 Wed 08-May-19 21:35:34

Blimey,sounds a nutter. Thankfully he doesn't know where you live. Police wouldn't be interested.

PleaseJustSayNo Wed 08-May-19 21:39:44

He 100% is not telling the truth. However, obviously that doesn't mean he's lying.

I'm with you OP, he just needs to create his own Amazon ID to sign in with (assuming he doesn't already have one). Have you tried asking if he has an Amazon account? Tell him he puts those details in

jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 21:48:35

PleaseJustSayNo I have asked him that many times but he never answers just that it’s asking for email / phone number and password . I think he’s just confused and I’m trying to be patient as I can be but his tone and attitude isn’t great he’s been messaging in capital letters 😒 etc.
Il remember this next time I sell anything online . Annoyingly has loads more interest after I got home could have saved myself hassle bus fair and time .
I just wanted to make sure this isn’t a common issue I have overlooked but from googling it the factory reset alone would de register it but I did both and it’s not showing on my end . He originally said his son would set it up when he got home from Italy next week (in 2nd text when I explained he needed an account) in his last message he says his son is here now so he’s being flexible with the truth to say the least .

jeaniet Wed 08-May-19 22:08:15

He doesn’t have an amazon account 😑😑 finally got an answer to that question and he doesn’t have one and asked me how to create one . I have told him 5 times already but in interest of niceness I will do it again . Thanks goodness got to root of the problem was second guessing myself and my sanity .

mummymayhem18 Wed 08-May-19 22:22:24

Old people and technology heh 🤦‍♀️😆

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