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more ebay help!

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pesto1 Wed 18-Jul-07 08:21:12

im not having much luck on ebay recently!

i brought an item, paid for it the same day by e cheque. 4 weeks later its still showing as pending, so i checked with paypal and the funds have been sat there waiting for the seller to accept them for 3 weeks. ive emailed the seller 3 times telling them of the situation. still no response.
i cant do a paypal dispute as its showing that ive not paid as they havent accepted the payment.
ive just cancelled the payment and emailed the seller again saying i no longer want the item.

they are a power seller with 4000+ feedback.

have i done the right thing? and how can i cancel the thing now as its showing that i need to pay for it?


sarahlou1uk Wed 18-Jul-07 08:40:00

You can wait until the seller sends you a reminder or an unpaid item notice. When you get the latter, you can state that seller never collected the paypal payment and that you had to buy from elsewhere. Alternatively, there should be somewhere on ebay that you can report the problem to. Try in the help tab. hth.

bananabump Wed 18-Jul-07 08:40:06

To the best of my knowledge you will have to open a dispute read here through ebay against the seller.

Have they continued trading normally since you bought the item? just thinking that if all trading ceased then either there's a problem in real life (such as illness or whatever) or they're a bit dodgy, dealing with other disputes and possibly about to be kicked off ebay. What was their feedback like? Many complaints?

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