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Do I need to post everything signed for?

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MerryMarigold Tue 23-Apr-19 12:25:51

Sold on a couple of things on ebay. This was a card. Sold a few and sent first class. One is claiming non delivery. Obviously I don't have tracking, but I'm v sceptical. Sometimes a signed for would double the price and seems silly for a little card, but I'm guessing there are scammers out there who spot the non tracked items by their postage price.

19lottie82 Tue 23-Apr-19 20:42:35

No. If an item is a small / medium parcel and you don’t wish to insure it for >£20 then you get a reference number which tells you if an item has been delivered or not, if the item does show as being delivered then that is enough for you to win, should the buyer open an INR case.

I’m presuming the item you sent is smaller than that, so the proof of delivery would not apply. In this case you really need to balance up the probability of it not arriving (or the seller claiming it hasn’t arrived), versus the cost of the item. If it’s under £10 then I wouldn’t normally bother tbh.

19lottie82 Tue 23-Apr-19 20:45:36

PS Royal Mail do occasionally lose items. Do you really think a scammer would target an item like yours, which sounds low value?

Whatever you do make sure the buyer opens a not received case with eBay. This will track any patterns that may link your buyer and items not arriving.

MerryMarigold Wed 24-Apr-19 07:03:38

Thanks lottie. It was only 12.00, but it was something ds was selling so I will lose the money as don't feel it's fair he should lose it. Yes, was just letter sized. 2 things made me suspicious. 1. He bought v quick at buy it now oeuvre and didn't wait for auction which was only 2 days (could prob have got it cheaper) and 2. I marked as dispatched on 11th April and there was no correspondence regarding it not arriving till case opened. I guess it could have got lost. Grrrr.

wobblywindows Thu 30-May-19 22:21:08

You can also get a free Certificate of Posting -if you don't mind queueing in the Post Office. This allows you to raise "Item not received " with the Post Office and claim something back. see >

RippleEffects Thu 30-May-19 22:24:25

I think you cn now buy rm24/ 48 postage via eBay and post via your post office. Its about the same price as first. This is a track at point of dispatch and point of delivery service. Not fully tracked but eBay accept the tracking as proof of delivery and if you purchased the postage through them the tracking number automatically uploads.

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