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Who has to claim if parcel is not recieved?

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tutu100 Fri 13-Jul-07 18:41:18

I know there has been a similar thread but I just definately want to clarify. I sold something not through ebay, but was paid through paypal. The item has not been recieved is it definately me who has to claim as the sender, or is it the recipiant. Or does it not really matter?

I don't mind if it's me who has to claim, but I don't want to refund the person's money until I have recieved it from Royal Mail. Does that sound ok, or would you be really annoyed if you were the buyer?

I just don't want to refund the money and then Royal Mail refuse to pay, or worse tell me that they definately delivered the package.

Thanks for any help.

charliecat Fri 13-Jul-07 18:42:17

You claim, you posted it. Ask them politely to wait till royal mail refund.
RM wont look into a lost item till 15 days have gone...

sixlostmonkeys Fri 13-Jul-07 18:52:38

the seller is responsible for an item being delivered not just posted, therefor if an item fails to arrive the seller should refund then claim from the royal mail.

If you sent via recorded delivery then you can track online to see see if it has been delivered. If you sent by non- trackable means then you have no way of proving whether item was delivered or not (this is where a buyer can pull a fast one) the only way to cover yourself as a seller is to send by trackable means.

As it can take some time for the claim with the royal mail to go through a seller should not make the buyer wait for the refund. If the buyer claims item not received through paypal, paypal will refund in full if seller cannot prove through tracking number that item was delivered

tutu100 Fri 13-Jul-07 19:18:37

Thanks. I am of course going to refund the buyer, but was just worried that Royal Mail may turn round and say the parcel was definately delivered and then I won't have the items or the money. I don't doubt the buyer, I posted it the week of the floods (she lives up north) and then it was the first postal strike so I expect it has gone missing never to be seen again.

I have done some research on Royal Mail's website so I know I can't claim until 15 working days from when I posted the parcel. I have told the buyer this. I just hope they don't think I'm pulling a fast one.

I will definately be sending everything recorded from now on.

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