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Buyer didn't return all the items - Small claims court?

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Justamemory Thu 11-Apr-19 12:19:12

I've been selling on ebay for about 10 years now on both mine and my mums accounts and sold hundreds of items over the years. Never have I had to escalate a case for anything other than non payment.

We had a set of 4 pans of a very good make, and as we have too many pans (and I find them too heavy to use) I decided to list them separately. A few days later someone sent me a message asking if I'd accept a buy-it-now. That was fine. She asked if I had any others, I said only the ones listed. She wanted the lot so I did a deal as it would get them gone. She was quite abrupt in her messages, (I realise some people who speak English as a second language sometimes come across that way) so I checked her feedback. A few negative positives but mostly due to not paying so I continued on. She paid and I gave the pans another good clean before posting them.

2 weeks later I get an message from her wanting to return them as they are 'not authentic'. They are, but my hands are tied so I accept the return and ask if she'd rather I arrange collection or if dropping them off would be easier. She ignored my question and wanted a refund before she returned them. I explained that's not how it works and I would refund when I receive them back, and I sent over a returns label. She then marks 1 as dispatched, but not the other 3.

3 weeks after I sent over the label I receive the package back. Well, sort of. Instead of sending back all 4, she has returned the cheapest 1, and whilst I sent them in a huge box with layers of bubble wrap (hermes are rough at the best of times!) she returned it wrapped in sellotape and it is consequently damaged.

I speak to ebay concerned she's going to try it on and request a refund for all 4 when only 1 have been returned. They tell me to contact her. As soon as I do, she marks the rest as returned and opens a case on the 1 item saying 'I returned all 4 pans but I have not received a refund'. I phone ebay again, they say they'll put a note on the system, and ask me to offer a partial refund for the 1 returned (which I have no issue doing!).

I've not had a reply from the buyer and the case on the 1 item has just closed in her favour, she's received a full refund. I've now opened a case on the other 3, although I expect it will go the same way as the parcel is marked as delivered.

I've checked her feedback again, and there are atleast 5 more negative positives since I last looked.

I now have no pans and no money and I'm out of pocket atleast £20 in postage fees (they weren't light or cheap pans!). I'm contemplating small claims court, has anyone done this before? Or has any idea what I can do to get my money back? I'd be happy just to have the pans back to resell them (not on ebay).

wowfudge Thu 11-Apr-19 16:27:53

What's a negative positive in feedback terms? I'd be very tempted to initiate a small claim. She's a thief. Have you checked whether she's selling them elsewhere herself or could you contact the police on the non-emergency number for advice?

GregoryPeckingDuck Thu 11-Apr-19 16:53:44

Sometimes filing a claim will be enough to scare someone off.

19lottie82 Thu 11-Apr-19 17:41:25

Did she purchase all the pans as separate transactions, or in one?

19lottie82 Thu 11-Apr-19 17:42:53

Re the already returned and damaged pan. You can appeal ebays decision. Doesn’t always work but it’s worth a go. These appeals tend to be looked at by an actual person rather than just an automated response.

Justamemory Mon 15-Apr-19 10:54:59

A negative positive - this may be a term i just made up. Sellers can't leave negative feedback, so they leave positive feedback with a negative comment.

The pans were separate listed items but purchased in one transaction iyswim.

Justamemory Mon 15-Apr-19 11:00:18

I just thought I would update you all. I spoke to a lovely lady from ebay. I mentioned the buyers feedback and I think she actually looked. After checking all the details she agreed to refund me for all 4 pans, including the 1 I did get back. Whilst I'm pleased to get my money after all this stress, they did also refund the buyer as well. This buyer is a con and a thief and there seems to be no stopping her!

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 15-Apr-19 11:04:20

That's good news for you. Hopefully there's a note on her account so they they can see it next time. Because there will be a next time. I hate scammers.

CallMeRachel Mon 15-Apr-19 11:10:17

Good to hear an update from you on this . I also sell on eBay, and hate how the scammers hold all the power.

To avoid this in future you should always sell each item indictable post each item tracked, individually too. Photograph items as they are being wrapped and as they are labelled and ready to go (time and date stamp will be on photo memory).

Personally I'd send her a bag of dog shit in the post since you have her address. grin People like her need a wake up call that they can't behave like this and get away with it.

CallMeRachel Mon 15-Apr-19 11:11:12

Autocorrect wtf * indictable* = individually

Justamemory Mon 15-Apr-19 11:54:06

Haha! she's a seller herself, I have thought about creating a new account and doing the same back to her. Also thought about signing her up to loads of spam email/snail mail/phonecalls. But I think it's best I just leave it however tempting it may be.

How bad must ebay have gotten if sellers now have to record themselves packing and posting item. It wasn't like this 10 years ago!

CallMeRachel Mon 15-Apr-19 12:26:23

t wasn't like this 10 years ago!

Yeah, there's a massive reason for that.

Keep an eye on what she's selling, your pots may appear!

MadSweeney Mon 15-Apr-19 15:54:45

she's a seller herself

This is exactly why you never sell and buy on the same account.

RedWineAllMine Mon 15-Apr-19 17:16:03

I buy and sell on the same account - but I'm awesome! 100% positive feedback and go out of my way to please my buyers with postage requests etc.
Why is it bad to buy and sell on same acct?
OP, I'm surprised they refunded you aswell, knowing how Ebay is etc. But refunded you rightly so.
Good news all round.

CallMeRachel Mon 15-Apr-19 17:21:31

Why is it bad to buy and sell on same acct?

Because if you leave negative feedback for anything that person can then purchase something from you purely for mischief and to leave negative feedback in return.

Yes there's some butters out there. This is why sellers were striped of their rights to leave negative feedback.

MadSweeney Tue 16-Apr-19 11:02:20

@RedWineAllMine you can be the most awesome person in the world, but unintentionally piss off a seller who can't leave you negative and it's quite easy for them to then buy something from you to exact revenge.

Never underestimate the stupid.

Justamemory Thu 09-May-19 17:02:01

* Further update! *

After the incident I reported her to eBay with little hope that they would actually do anything. However I have just looked at her profile and lo and behold she has been banned!

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