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What should I do if I have no feeback as a seller?

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Lentils Wed 11-Jul-07 15:37:57

I'm new to Ebay and while I have bought a few items, I have no feedback as a seller, and actually all my feedback as a buyer is 2+ years old. I want to sell some baby things and have a few items I've seen go for 50-100 pounds. But they are also items that list quite frequently--will my stuff just get sidelined bc I have no seller feedback? Does this mean I should start with smaller items till I build some feedback up?
Any suggestions gratefully rec'd. Thanks!

suezee Wed 11-Jul-07 15:57:10

no these items wont necessarily be sidelined, if ur worried just put a little msg on ur listing at the end such as
"everyones been a new ebayer once so pardon the feedback 100% genuine "

suezee Wed 11-Jul-07 15:58:29

i dont think the actual selling feedback is a prob if ur 100% positive feedback then there should'nt be a problem

Lucycat Wed 11-Jul-07 16:00:26

make sure you offer some kind of returns policy - that's always reassuring - is the rest of your feedback 100%?

Make sure you have a paypal or cleared cheque only system set up to protect yourself if they are expensive items. Ideally use recorded signed for delivery too, or at least make sure you get your proof of postage from the PO

btw it wouldn't bother me about your lack of seller feedback.

sarah573 Wed 11-Jul-07 17:42:05

I've been ebaying for years and buy and sell a small but steady stream of personal items.

Everytime my feedback reaches a certain point I start a new user ID. Not because there is anything wrong with the old one, I just think that once you get too many feedbacks you look like a business, rather than a personal seller. If I was still using my 1st ID I would have several thousand feedbacks by now.

I always buy a few things on my new ID so I have some feedback before I start to sell with it.

The point of my story is, that in my experience it makes no difference as to what your feedback is for (buying or selling), so long as you have some (10 seems to be the magic number), and your overall percentage rating is good. It certinally would not put me off buying, and I've never had any problems selling things on a new ID.


ow82 Wed 11-Jul-07 17:44:36

would bother me about your lack of seller feedback - what I look for is the FB % followed by the price.

have been burnt a few times by sellers with less than 100% so i'm the snob that only likes those ebays with the 100%! lol.

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