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Ebay - why can everyone see exactly what I've been buying/selling and how can I change it?

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schnapps Sun 08-Jul-07 14:55:09

Not that I've got anything to hide or anything but it's no one elses business what I've been buying and selling, so why are the details there for all to see? Is there a way of changing the settings at all?

charliecat Sun 08-Jul-07 14:56:01

you can change your feedback to private somehow......look up private in the help section.

schnapps Sun 08-Jul-07 15:02:14

Thanks for replying

I've had a look and if I set my feedback to private I won't be able to sell anything. It's not actually the feedback I want to hide, just the details of the items I've been selling/buying in the list of feedback. I want it back how it used to be.

It's not a big deal, but would prefer the details not to be there if possible iyswim.

mytwopenceworth Sun 08-Jul-07 15:02:26

beware though, a lot of folks are suspicious of folks who are private. Certainly makes me think they are hiding something! I wouldn't buy from them.

mytwopenceworth Sun 08-Jul-07 15:03:59

oh you can't sell if you are private? I didn't know that. And there I am going 'private oh, i wouldn't buy from someone who did that!! when i come across it. Never noticed its not sellers! Could have sworn i've seen sellers where feedback is private. I must be going gaga!

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 15:08:00

MTPW there are sellers with private. Must be a new thing where you cant sell with?

jaynehater Sun 08-Jul-07 15:21:08

I find that creepy too - we bought a car on ebay, and the guy said to DH 'like your (went on to list the most interesting/expensive stuff we'd bought lately) - you'll be happy with the price you got this for then...

No, actually, we got what we bid for it, we'd rather have got it at the £35 no reserve price thanks.

Creeps me out. Why do people need to know the intimate details of your every transaction, other than prurient interest?

<Jaynehater thanks her lucky stars she sold her rampant rabbit more than 60 days ago...> (Joke, BTW)

sixlostmonkeys Sun 08-Jul-07 15:36:28

You have always been able to see previous transactions, it's just that the header/title is now added.

It's useful in a number of ways to know what a buyer/seller usually trades in.
eg. If you can see that a seller usually buys/sells lower priced items, nik naks etc and then all of a sudden they have cameras, TVs, laptops etc then you you know to be cautious in case the account has been hijacked.

or - say you want to buy a nice item of clothing but are wondering about the condition of it before you part with your money - if you can see that they have sold a lot of clothing items and receive good feedback for it then chances are it's ok. If you don't know what they have sold before, you'd have to rely a a percentage FB which may be great but may actually be for flea spray/cockroach killer/compost...

I use the details for many reasons - not all of them idle nosiness

jaynehater Sun 08-Jul-07 15:43:52

Point taken.

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