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What would you do????????

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Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 10:39:35

I have a brand new cotbed with mattress on ebay as we bought 2 thinking the girls would both be in cots but DD1 moved into a toddler bed that was DS. So obviously other cot sat in loft while we waited to see what happened. Anyways put it on ebay and have had loads of requests for buy it now price, one lady offered £70 which I thought was ok but it had a bid so she wanted to come and collect but I said I wouldnt remove from ebay until it had gone. Now have had an offer of £100 from someone else, obviously I have told them both exactly what has happened and offered the first lady chance to match the second persons offer as she wanted to come and collect tonight. Now I know I went on ebay to sell and make money but I feel bad if I have to take it from the first lady so what would you do? Through all this I havent actually taken the cotbed off ebay so do I just say I want to leave the auction to run, go with which ever offer is highest or what???

SlightlyMadSalmon Sun 08-Jul-07 10:41:33

It is against the rules to end a listing early to trade 'offline'.

I would let the auction run TBH

lissie Sun 08-Jul-07 10:41:34

so is there a bid on it?

SlightlyMadSalmon Sun 08-Jul-07 10:42:43

If you wanted to though you are entitled to stop the listing at any time and sell to the current highest bidder.

MerlinsBeard Sun 08-Jul-07 10:43:17

you can't take it off ebay once it has a bid on i don't think. however, those people could put that as their max price and bid on it.

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 10:43:31

yes there is a bid of £46,
SMS I know but to be honest we have builders starting work here tommorow and I need it gone, can I add a buy it now price even though there is a bid???

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 08-Jul-07 10:44:10

I think you should let the aution run to the end - it is fairest to all that way

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 10:44:24

I know you can end it even if it isnt to sell

SlightlyMadSalmon Sun 08-Jul-07 10:44:43

You can'rt add BIN once you have bid(s)

sarahlou1uk Sun 08-Jul-07 10:46:08

YOu can't add a buy it now if there is already a bid on.

SlightlyMadSalmon Sun 08-Jul-07 10:46:25

If you can get your buyers to put their top bids in tell them you will end the auction at 2pm today (for e.g) as long as a minimum price of £70 has been reached. Then end the auction at 2pm and sell to highest bidder

SlightlyMadSalmon Sun 08-Jul-07 10:50:37

at the bottom

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 11:26:36

thanks SMS

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 13:46:33


Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 13:46:51

sorry dd2 kicxjed keyboRD

suezee Sun 08-Jul-07 13:56:16

you can add a buy it now price but u need to cancel all the bids and there has to be over 24 hours left on the auction.

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 14:15:51

oh thanks suezee there is about 39 hrs left

Blondilocks Sun 08-Jul-07 14:21:20

I'd just say that as you have a bid on it already so are reluctant to remove it from the auction and please can they just put their bids on as normal.

suezee Sun 08-Jul-07 14:31:42

no worries nemo my dp is an ebay expert so i pick a few things up(grin)

suezee Sun 08-Jul-07 14:32:42

if you dont know how to do it just press the help button and ebay will guide you through it

Nemo2007 Sun 08-Jul-07 15:01:21

Its jumped up to £75 now anyway. I just emailed saying I was going to let it run due to the interest and that was most fair. I am just stressing incase this other woman turns up tonight as she is not responding to emails.

suezee Sun 08-Jul-07 15:03:55

she may not be online at the moment, im sure that when she gets the email she will understand.usually when people have wanted to come to my address they have emailed me to make sure its still ok that they come before they set off.

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