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trying to list something now - how do I change the start time so it starts tonight?

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sweetheart Wed 04-Jul-07 16:33:53

Does anyone know? I used to be able to do it but since they changed the listing system I'm a bit lost. I want the auction to start tonight rather than immediatly.

sweetheart Wed 04-Jul-07 16:42:03


sweetheart Thu 05-Jul-07 15:53:27


sweetheart Thu 05-Jul-07 16:11:11

oh please - someone must know how to do it!

babyblue2 Thu 05-Jul-07 16:20:45

You need to sell something using the original format. I think they've automatically changed it but there is somewhere at the beginning that gives you the option to use the original one. It took me ages to find it but managed in the end. If you've already started to list on the new format then you'll have to start again.

sarahlou1uk Thu 05-Jul-07 16:24:51

I think that there is a charge for it....

babyblue2 Thu 05-Jul-07 16:31:43

yeah there is a charge but its not much, 30p or something. Its helpful though cos they say the best time to end an auction is on a sunday at 8pm (which is when most people are at home) and so scheduling has been helpful to me when i've been out and about.

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