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Happysaurus Sat 09-Feb-19 19:12:13

What happens when a seller accepts a best offer, yet tells you they want the minimum bid price.
Bag was start bidding at £20 so I made offer of £15 this morning. It was accepted at the last minute of the auction tonight with no other bids.
Seller is now claiming there has been a billing mistake because I made a bid of £20, so she needs to refund my £15 and sort payment. It still comes up no bids on the item.

Is this genuine error, or are they just being a cf?

2birds1stone Sat 09-Feb-19 23:03:20

They are trying it on. When you accept a best offer that is the amount the bidder pays and is bound by the rules to pay. (Should always be careful with best offers!)

They can counter that offer and you would have received a notification asking you to accept/reject or make a counter offer back

I suspect they got confused and thought it was a bid they were accepting and not a best offer

Happysaurus Sun 10-Feb-19 06:13:06

I guess so, she is now asking for an email address to invoice me the extra £5 she wants so I’ve explained it’s a best offer she accepted, if she’s not happy with the price then to refund me.
Can’t tell if she’s being cheeky or just doesn’t understand how it works. Either way it’s frustrating!

2birds1stone Sun 10-Feb-19 08:00:03

Look at her selling history feedback if it's sporadic or not very much then it suggests she doesn't understand.

The best offer thing on all items is a new thing eBay introduced (and can be annoying) when you list and item you have to be careful to set the best offer minimum price to 1p below your asking price otherwise the system allows people to submit bids alot lower than asking (think it defaults to a % below the start price)

That's why on items you think... ah great they are asking £10 but I can offer £5... When in reality the seller is not actually willing to sell that low necessarily.

I haven't found way to turn the feature off.

A seller can opt to ignore best offer prices and after a time or if the bid price goes past their offer it goes away anyway.

If she is not happy to sell at £15 (which is actually breaking eBay and selling rules in general as you are technically not in agreement to cancel) then suggest she refunds you and re lists. You can then try again and she will have to risk it actually sells for the £20 as it looks as though it wasn't going to in the first place!

If she does cancel the sale just make sure the reason isn't detrimental to you as this wasn't your fault.

Happysaurus Sun 10-Feb-19 09:49:33

Thanks 2birds1stone!
She has 100% feedback, has lots listed for sale too. I have explained that I offered and if she’s not happy with that then I’m fine with refund so she relist.

SpringForEver Mon 25-Feb-19 03:11:54

I have the option to not use Best Offer but not sure how I did it, I simply don't tick the box.

However, you can report the seller for refusing to sell, it is against the rules to ask for more money after the end of a listing.

Fairyliz Thu 28-Feb-19 19:29:15

The thing is if you turn off Best Offer I think ebay charges a fee for listing. Now I think what's the minimum I would accept say £10, then list it at £11 with a reject bids under £10.!


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