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Men’s shirts - bundle or separately? 🤔

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Strawberryhat Wed 30-Jan-19 18:35:31

We’re having a clothing clearout and we’ve dug a few shirts out of DH’s wardrobe that he’s barely worn - all lovely condition, nice brands, a few smart ones and some casual. Has anyone sold any on eBay recently, is it best to do all together as a bundle or individually?

19lottie82 Thu 31-Jan-19 10:25:59

Hard to say without knowing the details of the items. But I would be tempted to say individually.

Search for similar shirts on eBay and filter to “recently sold items” , see what they went for to decide if they’re worth selling.

Maybe sell the best ones separately and the less in demand ones ina bundle?

ragged Thu 31-Jan-19 10:28:32

I sold a bundle recently; you save on postage so would only go individual if you expect to get at least £20 for each.

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