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Suspicious behaviour on ebay

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JaceLancs Sun 27-Jan-19 01:03:00

I sold a gold charm a few months ago the hallmark was hard to see, but I was sure it was gold
Buyer emailed to say they weren’t happy and wanted a refund as not gold - I messaged them back saying it was gold and sent them proof photograph and valuation for probate from a reputable independent jeweller
Heard nothing further so assumed they were now happy
Buyer messaged again more recently saying they were opening case against me not as described and asked for return label
Too much hassle so accepted return sent label etc
Still not received return
How long do I have to wait before I can say stuff you
I am expecting to receive a similar but non genuine article back! How can I prove they have switched it?
Thankfully it wasn’t huge value - but not sure how to proceed

19lottie82 Sun 27-Jan-19 17:53:22

I THINK the buyer has 30 days to return the item before the return closes out and your funds are returned.

Did they open an official return request with eBay, or did you send them a label independently?

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