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Paid on the 11th

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Fashionista101 Mon 21-Jan-19 09:58:48

For a canvas. Chased on the 16th, didn't get a response then on the 17th I saw it had a mobile number so I called it and he asked me to text him my eBay name and he would get back to me. Did this and then on eBay it was stating dispatched. So I messaged again asking when I'm likely to receive the canvas and again no response.

The seller stated delivered 2-3 days. And it's a present for someone (birthday now passed) but I do still want the canvas.

What should I do?

lljkk Mon 21-Jan-19 10:01:44

File item not received on Ebay (now). After refund, order from someone else. Life is too short!

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