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She said 18 I say 16

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taytotayto111 Sun 06-Jan-19 18:51:21

I sold a top on eBay during the week stating it’s size 16. I’ll post the photo from the listing. My mother is a size 16 it’s her top. Anyway seller c9ntacts me saying it’s not as described it’s a size 18 and far too big for her and demanded I send a postage label. That put my nose out. I politely replied saying it’s a 16 as the label stated. She got heated with threats of negative feedback which I ignored. I phoned eBay complaining about her and the situation. Lovely man says don’t you upset yourself I’ll close the case your not at fault.
She just messaged me saying she’s returning the top tomorrow.
I phone PayPal they say yes she’s been refunded. I check on eBay it states case has been closed I’m not at fault but she’s been refunded.
What’s that all about. Am I out the £7.72? To be honest it’s not the money it’s the principal. No wonder so many people try scamming on eBay as eBay always let them win.

pollypockett Sun 06-Jan-19 18:53:47

This happened to me and It was infuriating. PayPal refunded her but the money didn’t come out of my pocket. They admitted she was in the wrong but refunded her to shut her up. I don’t see the point of having all the rules and buyer protections if they don’t even stick to them. If they’ve told you you’ve done nothing wrong it’s likely they’ve refunded her off their own backs

taytotayto111 Sun 06-Jan-19 18:58:59

This is the label. Am I going mad

whatsnewchoochoo Sun 06-Jan-19 19:01:17

That definitely says 16

taytotayto111 Sun 06-Jan-19 19:09:31

I’ll be honest I cried when she started to argue with me over messages, and that’s NOT like me. I hate to be wronged and I’d never wrong someone else so I think that’s what upset me soo much. I hate the thought of someone getting away with playing the system. The week before someone bought a trousers and when they got it opened an item as not described just because I don’t accept returns but they were nice about it and clearly stated they were in the wrong. I took them back losing £3.50 so that experience didn’t help my mood. I sell our old clothes as a hobby/for fun and a bit of pocket money but perhaps I’m too honest for eBay. Thanks for the replies it’s nice to get reassurance it’s not me that’s crazy and unfair.

Floofsquidge Sun 06-Jan-19 20:07:13

I sold a jacket once I'd barely worn and the buyer said it was faulty & the zip came apart at the bottom. There was nothing wrong with it when I sold it so can only assume either they forced it up & broke it or deliberately created a fault so I'd accept a return, but I didn't have any proof so chalked it up to experience. Frustrating and put me off selling on eBay again.

19lottie82 Sun 06-Jan-19 22:50:33

I understand your frustration, but as sizes can vary from brand to brand, it’s always wise to list the actual measurements when selling clothes, this puts the odds a lot
More in your favour in situations like this.

sushisuperstar Mon 07-Jan-19 17:57:46

To be honest I think she is a CF.

When I buy from eBay I'll order the size as it is - but will ask if it comes up large or small first. I'd only ask for specifics if it was an expensive item.

People eh argh!

sushisuperstar Mon 07-Jan-19 17:58:30

As lottie says the only way to be bulletproof against these types is get into the interracial whatever the item.

taytotayto111 Mon 07-Jan-19 21:34:14

Hi Lottie the maddening thing is I always include measurements but I wonder if I’m wasting my time as I don’t actually think people notice them or even read the listings. The amount of times people contact me asking for measurements when there in the listing is unreal. I’m only trying to get rid of my unworn clothes and my daughters so I thought this would be fun......what was I thinking ha ha 😆

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