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Help order cancelled straight after payment no refund !

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emelsie Fri 04-Jan-19 09:36:50

I made an order 23rd December and paid immediately, later that day spoke to the seller and it became clear they were not selling the model of item I was led to believe by the auction, so we agreed to cancel.

I paid via paypal and the seller cancelled on eBay, she said when she cancelled eBay said the refund would be sent .

I haven't received any refund on my PayPal , does she have to do it directly through PayPal or is it just taking a while because of Xmas ?

Thanks !

InspectorIkmen Sun 06-Jan-19 10:49:33

Have you had a message from eBay to agree to the cancellation? Sometimes that happens and nothing will move forward until you confirm. Have a look in your messages. Otherwise get onto eBay or PayPal - or even the seller

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