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Ebay, do they always side with the buyer?

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RowenaFlower Sat 29-Dec-18 22:09:17

I sold an item of clothing on eBay listing it as the size stated on the label. The buyer has been in touch to say it is not that size in reality. I didn’t provide measurements.
To give a refund and have the item returned to me would cost me money. If this ends up as a “dispute” for eBay to give an opinion on, would they consider the situation properly (which I think favours me) or do they blindly take the side of the seller?
They had a reputation for siding with the seller but that was a while ago, anyone had a recent experience?

19lottie82 Sun 30-Dec-18 00:13:33

It’s unfair, but generally, yes they do, and I imagine they will in this situation. You really need to provide measurement when you sell clothing, just to be safe and avoid situations like this.

MikeUniformMike Sun 30-Dec-18 10:43:42

Yes. Depending on the value of the item, you could accept a return.

isseywithcats Tue 01-Jan-19 21:04:27

ebay probably will side with the buyer as you didnt give measurements, when i sell clothes i put the UK size, the shoulder to hem length, the armpit to armpit measurements and if its waisted the waist measurements and have not had anyone send back the more info you can give on a garment the more you cover yourself it takes about two minutes to take and list them

Luckingfovely Tue 01-Jan-19 21:05:30

Yup. Legendary for it. The buyer is always right. I've stopped using it as have been burnt too many times, it's just not worth it

Pixie2015 Tue 01-Jan-19 21:13:28

I’ve had people say this to me over low price item that I know were perfectly sized - I’ve just always refunded and said give to charity shop rather than send back - so annoying

WWWWicked Tue 01-Jan-19 21:15:37

Yes they will side with the buyer. Even if you had provided measurements they’d still side with the buyer.

It’s really not worth selling clothes on eBay any more.

SeaGreenSeaGlass Tue 01-Jan-19 21:17:31

You could ask the buyer to use PayPal's free returns service - I think we're all allowed about 12 returns each year.

whatamidoingwithmylife Tue 01-Jan-19 21:31:07

I've had this happen before and told the buyer to ask for measurements in future as I'm not responsible for what a brand makes, I'm just selling it on. Tell them to sell it on if it doesn't fit, like any normal person would do.

eBay rarely side with a seller though.

RowenaFlower Tue 01-Jan-19 22:20:31

Thanks all, good to know. Appreciate the responses! xx

princessTiasmum Thu 17-Jan-19 10:24:05

Ebay dont always side weith the buyer, as i have been told they are going to refund me for something i sold early last month, the buyer said it was not working properly, and wanted to return it, it was working perfectly when i posted it, and i always test anything electrical etc, she has only just returned it and now its not working at all,
When i bought this item it was brand new, so been in touch with ebay who said they are going to refund me,
I couldnt even resell it now, so i am guessing it has been dropped or damaged in some way,
If she had returned it immediately i probably wouldnt be getting a refund but to wait more than a month to return it,is too long i think

ginghamstarfish Thu 17-Jan-19 10:44:40

Yes, seems they are always in favour of the buyer. At least get them to return the item using Paypal's free service (as PP stated above), so no cost to them or you and you can resell.

Yolande7 Wed 23-Jan-19 23:48:20

I would contact Ebay and see what they say. Is the sizing of the item in line with the brand (eg French brands make small kids' clothes) or is it just this item? If in line with the brand, I would argue that is common knowledge.

Ebay does not always side with the buyer. I once had someone ask me for money to alter an item which was too small for her. However, I had provided the size and measurements and did not have to refund.

19lottie82 Fri 25-Jan-19 09:46:50

I would argue that is common knowledge-

If common sense came into eBay disputes it would be a lot simpler/ fairer, but unfortunately it does not.

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