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Accepted return apparently

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princessTiasmum Wed 26-Dec-18 12:55:20

A buyer has asked to return something which she thinks may have got damaged in transit, i cant see how it would, she has told ebay it is faulty, but it was perfect when i sent it,it was in a padded envelope inside plenty of bubble wrap and wasnt glass,
Apparently i have accepted return which i have not,in fact i sent her a message saying i dont have proof of damage by post and she should have,and would deal with it after Christmas, as this was yesterday
I think she has just changed her mind, she hasnt told ebay she thinks it might have been damaged in transit, so looks like i sent it faulty
I have only ever had one item returned which the person said wasnt working even though i knew it was, but i accepted return anyway
Any advice, re accidentally return accepted, maybe i clicked something by accident but as far as i know i only replied to message
Is it possible to speak to someone at ebay,do i have to accept return if damaged after it left me,
The item was photographed working

ZeroFuchsGiven Wed 26-Dec-18 12:58:50

EBay will automatically accept the return for an 'arrived damaged item'. You don't have a choice and you will also have to pay return postage. If it arrives back undamaged you need to contact eBay and tell them the buyer has lied and abused the returns system. If that is the case and you can prove it eBay should refund the postage cost to you.

boomboo Wed 26-Dec-18 13:00:43

I had a similar situation (buyer claimed faulty but basically changed mind) but I had to click and follow a link sent via EBay email to accept the return. You can speak to someone at EBay they are usually helpful but nearly always will support the seller sad
Good luck

boomboo Wed 26-Dec-18 13:01:28

Edit: EBay will nearly always support buyer (not seller IMO)

princessTiasmum Wed 26-Dec-18 13:25:33

I know ebay almost always backs the buye, but i was counting on the buyer having proof it was damaged in transit, for example torn packaging or something,
Dont know how i clicked on accept return unless it was because i looked on details of returning item
If its damage i wont be able to resell, and i am annoyed too because i knocked £10 off to start with, thanks anyway

princessTiasmum Wed 26-Dec-18 22:07:55

If i have to refund this item can paypal take it from my bank, i have no funds in paypal at the moment?
I am going to ring ebay tomorrow, and see how i stand re the damage the person says it has been caused in transit

I am going off the idea of selling on ebay, my daughter has had people saying they didnt receive items even if signed for

princessTiasmum Wed 26-Dec-18 23:34:03

As an afterthought,if the item is damaged through transit, whih i doubt,whose responsibilty is it to contact Royal mail if neccessary,
Oly wondering as the seller w3ould have no proof, re damaged packaging etc

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet Thu 27-Dec-18 09:03:25

Ebay can accept a return on your behalf and this happens most often with claims of damage.

If the item is not damaged and the buyer just wants you to pay for the return, then at least you will get the item back. Before it was so easy to prove delivery, she would probably have claimed it never arrived and you would have lost both the item and the money.

Ebay/paypal can and will take the money from the bank account that is linked to your paypal account if you don't refund when the return arrives. The charge for the return label will probably be added to your next eBay invoice (I can't remember exactly because I only do one or two returns a year out of several thousand sales).

Unfortunately, if the item is damaged in transit, it's up to you to claim form Royal Mail, because they have no contract with the buyer. This is a largely futile process and you would indeed need the original packaging. RM will probably claim that the item wasn't properly packed, or compensate you with a few stamps.

princessTiasmum Thu 27-Dec-18 09:45:22

Thanks for your reply,i am going to ring ebay anyway, i dont mind a return, if its ok i can resell it,but if its damaged i wont be able to,
I really cant see how it can be damaged at all it was very securely packed, and i know it wasnt damaged when i sent it

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