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How do you end an auction early?

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Fimbo Tue 26-Jun-07 20:28:38

I want to buy something on Ebay. The seller has tried to put on a BIN but she can't get it to work. There are bids already on the item.

Can the auction in fact be ended early because there are bids. Can you add a bin?

The seller has emailed ebay for help but that could take ages.

Anyone any ideas purrleease [desperate emoticon]

southeastastra Tue 26-Jun-07 20:29:18

bid for it

Fimbo Tue 26-Jun-07 20:32:14

Yeah I know, but the seller wants to put a BIN price on it and I want to just buy it and not faff around. Is there anyway round it?

Rachmumoftwo Tue 26-Jun-07 20:33:39

If there are no bids, the seller can amend the listing, but once someone has placed a bid it has to stay as it is. I think.

sixlostmonkeys Tue 26-Jun-07 20:45:16

once bids are on she can't add a BIN.

the only way to end an auction is to cancel the bids first. She would then have to relist with a BIN

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