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Unfair to say item not as described?

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FrogFairy Tue 18-Dec-18 17:02:30

I bought a BNWT top from eBay. When it arrived it was obvious the tag belonged to a different garment, the reference numbers did not match the label and the size was overwritten in biro from a 16 to 20. It also smelled like it had been worn. The seller claims she bought it and it was too small so she just put it in a box with other stuff to sell.

In fairness the seller offered I can return it for a refund but I will keep the top and hopefully it will wash up just fine. I do feel though that I should take a star or two off the feedback as not quite as described. The seller is unhappy as she feels it is not her fault, and she has good feedback.

This is only an Asda George top but I can’t help feeling a bit ripped off having expected a new top and receiving a 2nd hand top with a doctored label.


19lottie82 Wed 19-Dec-18 16:38:14

How has the seller dealt with the situation, as you say they are “unhappy”?

This would factor in my decision as whether to leave a neutral or not.

ElasticFirecracker Fri 21-Dec-18 08:01:43

When I sell clothes that are new with tags I generally take a photograph of the tags, so the buyer can see exactly what the tags are. I do this because I had a similar experience to yours.

In my case the item was fake and the tags bore no relation to the item described.

Realise this is not helpful to you now.

I think if i was happy with the top, I'd just put it down to experience, and make sure I could see the tags in future.

FrogFairy Sat 22-Dec-18 23:07:56

Sorry for the delay in replying. In fairness the seller offered a refund but I have chosen to keep the top. She claims she bought the top but it was too small so was selling it in on, that she thought it was new and it was not her fault so she does not deserved to lose marks on her feedback. I am torn between believing her and feeling that I should mention this in the feedback because perhaps she is doing this to other buyers.
I have attached a photo of the tag and label, how could she have missed the biro alteration from size 16 to size 20? Also the item reference number is different.

I was thinking of just deducting one or two stars from the as described score and stating “used not BNWT fake tag. Refund offered but chose to keep item.”

FrogFairy Sat 22-Dec-18 23:09:04

This is the tag.

dottycottton Sat 22-Dec-18 23:12:22

That's extremely fair imo! I am a seller and I painstakingly try to be as honest as possible and I even get negative feedback every now and then. I'd be overjoyed if all I got was a few stars less so you're being very fair.

FrogFairy Sun 23-Dec-18 01:30:09

Thank you dotty.

I have been holding back on leaving the feedback, but the more I think about it if she failed to spot the writing on the tag then she obviously does not check items very carefully. Or she was the one who doctored the tag.

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