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Question about return and changing type of return

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SometimesIHateEbay Tue 18-Dec-18 13:52:31

Buyer wants to return item. There's a small rip and has attached pictures. There definitely wasn't when I sent it - I did lots of close up pictures so you can see there wasn't one originally.

Is it worth emailing eBay to show the original pictures and say it wasn't there? However I know they often side with buyers and so I might have to do the refund anyway. Ok fine.

But, buyer said they would pay return postage but has opened a not as described case which means I have to pay the return postage. Can I contact eBay about that and say they said they'd pay return postage? Can you change the type of return?


SometimesIHateEbay Tue 18-Dec-18 18:05:13


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