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Help me raise enough funds for our 1st ever holiday! All buy it now items.

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tortoise Fri 22-Jun-07 20:33:12

My eldest DS is 10 years old now and we have never had a family holiday. I have decided this year we will go away somewhere.
Please help us raise enough to go away for a few days.
So far have raised about £120 which is no where near enough.
here are my items. Some are toys that my 4 DC are selling to help make enough money.

tortoise Fri 22-Jun-07 21:25:20

Little bump.
2 items just sold (no idea if its MNers or not though ).Now upto nearly £150.

tortoise Fri 22-Jun-07 22:30:04


sixlostmonkeys Fri 22-Jun-07 22:54:42

There's nothing for me
BUT I do wish you lots and lots of luck!!!

tortoise Sat 23-Jun-07 18:08:18

Thanks sixlostmonkeys.
Loads still to list so keep looking.
Two more items sold today.

tortoise Sat 23-Jun-07 19:43:14

10 more items listed.

tortoise Sat 23-Jun-07 21:00:18


mangojuice Sat 23-Jun-07 22:06:06

Bumping for you Tortoise

Skribble Sat 23-Jun-07 22:10:26

Sorry all to young for my lot, but consider it bumped.

MrsWeasley Sat 23-Jun-07 22:19:04

bumping for you

I always thought it was odd that lots of people on mn are called TIA only just ealised what it means

ChorusLine Sat 23-Jun-07 22:22:53

Hi Tortoise - I have a family rail card that I got free. Its valid until 31st July. I did start a thread, wurlywurly said you might be able to use it?

tortoise Sun 24-Jun-07 11:35:14

Hi ChorusLine.
Thanks but i bought a family rail card recently because we use the train a lot.

tortoise Sun 24-Jun-07 20:24:58

Little bump

Can anyone who looks let me know if prices etc are ok please? Really need these to sell or the holiday plans will be cancelled!

dyzzidi Sun 24-Jun-07 20:33:35

Just bought the zip up top. Its not much but I hope it helps!

j20baby Sun 24-Jun-07 20:38:23

bump for you tortoise, prices look ok to me, sorry there isn't anything i need

tortoise Sun 24-Jun-07 21:42:41

dyzzidi -Thanks.. Every penny helps.
j20 thanks for bump

BethAndHerBrood Sun 24-Jun-07 22:05:11

Tortise what sort of material is the tigger sleep suit?

tortoise Mon 25-Jun-07 20:04:38

Hi BethAndHerBrood. Its a velour type sleepsuit.

tortoise Mon 25-Jun-07 21:43:20

Loads left.
More to add so keep looking.

tortoise Tue 26-Jun-07 17:23:13

Some items ending tonight. Come buy them now!

yaddayah Tue 26-Jun-07 18:21:46

Good luck Tort
bump for you !

jinxed Tue 26-Jun-07 18:27:11

just bought the skirts! Ta very much!

tortoise Tue 26-Jun-07 18:28:32

Thanks yaddayah

Thanks Jinxed

Anyone else want to grab a bargain?

allgonebellyup Tue 26-Jun-07 18:28:51

would buy the bra if i actually had any tits.

jinxed Tue 26-Jun-07 18:31:13

the bras are my size but being pg i will change yet again!

Hope you get some more buyers tort!

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