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Me again - more probs with paypal

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saltire Fri 22-Jun-07 11:11:53

On Wednesday I found out that Paypal had requested 5 payments of £2.50 from my bank account. I had no idea why and told the bank this. They cancelled 4 of them but left one. No money had left my account, the payments were just pending, but I couldn't access the money.
Today I find out that another 5 payments of £2.50 have been requested, again no money left the account, just "pending". have emailed this to paypal and they have asked for the authorisation numbers, which I gave them and asked them to cancel the payments. They say that they can't, the bank has to do it. The bank says that they can cancel 4 of them but one must legally reamin on and will do until paypal cancel it. Now I know in the big scheme of things having 2 payments of £2.50 each pending on my account isn't a big deal, it's not thousands after all.
But hwat if it's someone with access to my account a hacker, who has been testing the water to see if the bank will authorise payments, then go for some amount bigger than 2.50.

holsnovell Fri 22-Jun-07 11:24:57

I might not be much use but what did paypal say these were for?

saltire Fri 22-Jun-07 11:50:11

I'm still waiting for them to get back to me! What's odd though is that on Wednesday I had problems changing my address, and I must have tried 5 or 6 times (following their instructions) in the end I had to cancel my card on my paypal account, then re register my new address, then register my card again.
Still waiting for a reply to email

Neil82 Fri 22-Jun-07 11:50:32

Hi Saltire

I work in the PayPal press office. I will pass this case onto the customer services team and get them to contact you with an answer as to why this is happening. Could you provide me with your email address and I will get the team to review those payments.

Please email me at:


McQueenGirl Fri 22-Jun-07 15:08:08

Im not being funny but if you email Neil82 make sure you dont give him your password or any other info like that!
No offence Neil

saltire Fri 22-Jun-07 22:46:18

It's ok mcqueengirl, I'm not replying - no offence to anyone but I'd rather deal with paypal direct

saltire Sat 30-Jun-07 09:23:01

Ok, here's an update. After several emails and phone calls on my behalf, I'm still no closer to finding out what has gone on here.
They tried to take 6 payments of £2.50 each from my bank account (not my paypal account) however according to them they have no record of it. However, because I have complained, they have now frozen my account so I can't pay anyone for things I ahve bought from ebay. I have to wait up to 14 days for a letter to arrive with a verification code on it. I was also advised by paypal to change my password "just in case, even though we have no record of the transactions you mention". I did that, but need to do it again because when the verification code arrives, it need to re-set my whole account
However, there is obviously a fault on their system, as DH needed to change his address details on Thursday and guess what - another £2.50 payment pending. The 6 payments they requested originally have been cancelled - according to the bank they can't cancel them, only paypal can, yet paypal say they have no record of it, however they have cancelled the transactions
Now my card has been playing up, because of a diffrent problem, so have got new bank card and need to go through the whole process again! Inculding probably having these payments pending of £2.50 again

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