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Collector not turned up on two occasions

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Owletty Fri 23-Nov-18 21:17:38

Hi all,

Any advice?
I sold an item via an auction last week.
Listed cash on collection.
Buyer has twice not turned up on prearranged time.
Looking at their recent purchases on eBay they've bought a similar item a couple of days ago.

How do I proceed?

Thanks in advance

Owletty Sat 24-Nov-18 09:32:09


gamerchick Sat 24-Nov-18 09:34:16

Well I wouldn't be waiting around for them that's for sure.

Owletty Sat 24-Nov-18 09:42:14

Definitely gamerchick

I can't demand PayPal payment as want cash on collection. If I close the sale she can leave negative feedback.

Not sure how long to give her....

forestsmurf Sat 24-Nov-18 09:55:31

Message them and explain that as they clearly are not interested in collecting the item would they like to cancel the purchase allowing you to relish without any fees. Then you can opt to cancel the item , they get an email which they have to click a link allowing the item to be cancelled and you can 're list.

19lottie82 Sat 24-Nov-18 16:02:16

Message them and tell them if they can’t come and collect by the end of tomorrow you will need to cancel and relist.

If they can’t / won’t, or don’t reply then submit a cancellation request with eBay.

Not much help now but I use ebay a lot, but never for collection only items, I find it too much hassle. I always use gumtree. There are still time wasters but I find it generally a lot easier than eBay, and there are no fees to pay either.

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