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Buyer left neutral feedback after no communication.

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soberton Thu 01-Nov-18 13:43:27

A few weeks ago we sold a pop vinyl collectable figure (BNIB) associated with a popular TV/Book series. The item had never been opened (unwanted gift that my daughter had) and was in perfect condition. The buyer asked that it was well wrapped up, so I popped it in a strong shoebox, wrapped and packed around with bubble wrap, sealed the box with tape and covered it with brown parcel paper, clearly addressed. I sent it by Royal Mail parcels and obtained proof of posting with tracking number which we uploaded to the Ebay transaction. The cost of postage was exactly what we'd charged the buyer. After over two weeks of no feedback or anything we messaged the buyer to say "hope you've received the item ok and if you have a chance, would you mind leaving feedback, many thanks".
The next time I checked, the buyer had left Neutral feedback, saying "The best condition, but ok, not worth sending back". Prior to this they'd had no contact with us about the item and as I said it was brand new in box and well packaged, clearly labelled. Interestingly, looking into this person's profile they have several of these figures (some are bundled as job lots) including some of this range of show characters. If there was a real problem why is he reluctant to send it back and didn't contact us. We feel that we have done everything properly and honestly and am disappointed with this feedback. Do you think if we contacted Ebay, they'd remove the Negative and any thoughts on any further action? TIA

Pinkprincess1978 Thu 01-Nov-18 14:20:08

To be honest as a buyer I hate people hassling me for feedback. I my mind I would contact you if I had a problem. Not that this would cause me to leave beau real or negative feedback but it would put me off you as a seller.

isseywithcats Thu 01-Nov-18 19:05:56

i never ask for feedback as if they havent contacted me after two weeks i presume all is ok and feedback is skewed because sellers cant leave honest feedback any more, a few years ago i had some brand new coffee machines, sold them at a reasonable price and everyone except one buyer gave good feedback, this one buyer didnt send any messages or say she was unhappy with the machine just left a big fat red dot negative and one word NO to this day still dont know why

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