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my hermes packaging

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isseywithcats Sat 27-Oct-18 14:34:23

just a heads up to people who use my hermes, i have been using them for our charity for around a year without too many problems l this week i sent a vintage cigarette case to a buyer, i put it into a padded envelope, inside a bigger padded envelope and then into a plastic tough sack, and it has arrived with the packaging torn open ( including tearing the clear label saying it was sent by a charity seller) and the case inside has been stolen, am absolutely gutted for the customer as its not an item that can be replaced, yes it will be insured and the customer will hopefully get recompense from hermes but cant believe one of their employees has done this, so if you use them try to make your parcels un- openable i thought i had

OneInEight Sun 28-Oct-18 07:07:47

I would be more suspicious of the recipient rather than the courier in these circumstances and block. Unless, of course, you are labelling your parcels with the contents - I think anyone opening mine to resell would be sorely disappointed.

lljkk Sun 28-Oct-18 07:21:01

I've sent items with myH for yrs & never had anything late lost or damaged.

Customer doesn't get compensation from myH. YOU (would) have to refund customer, after which YOU have to pursue myH for compensation.

Have you checked their f/b to see if they have any history of things getting damaged etc. in transit?

I would also put this buyer on blocked bidders list & leave f/b along lines of "So sorry the item was stolen in transit." so make a record of them ... having a larcenous myH courier which is why no one should ever risk sending them anything again. Gee, I guess they'll have to go back to using bricks & morter shops, eh?

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