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Collection - how to pay.

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Whydididothatfuckingthing Sat 27-Oct-18 06:02:14


I am bidding on a collection only item, how is it best to pay for this if I win?


Tattybear16 Sat 27-Oct-18 06:07:16

You could contact the seller and ask if they’ll accept cash on collection. Most do, if they’ve specified PayPal only, then still ask, they maybe ok with it.

AdoreTheBeach Sat 27-Oct-18 06:47:30

I usually like to pay via PayPal in case there’s ever a problem. However, some sellers only want cash to avoid Paypal fees. Do ask.

Did you win the auction?

Whydididothatfuckingthing Sat 27-Oct-18 09:28:52

Thanks very much!
I will ask what they prefer if I win.

The auction still has a couple of hours left to run - so fingers crossed.

I’ve never collected anything before, if I do win what are the things I need to look out for?

GreenDinosaur Sat 27-Oct-18 10:25:44

Communication is the key to eBay pick-ups. Make sure you send the seller a message as soon as you can when the auction is over (if you win) and ask what payment method they would prefer and when would be good for collection.
You get the odd twat but most people are reasonable and helpful as long as you are.
Make sure you get a detailed address rather than just a post code and try to make sure your purchase will actually fit in your car!
Good luck!

Whydididothatfuckingthing Sat 27-Oct-18 10:56:58

Brilliant thanks for your help. If I do win I’m hoping to collect tomorrow!
Will definitely fit in the car so that’s one ticked of!

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