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PayPal Cross Boarder fees?

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mortgagemoans Thu 25-Oct-18 12:16:51

I posted earlier in the week saying that I have just started selling again on Ebay after a gap of some years.

Aside from the fact that Ebay are withholding my fees at the moment I have also seen that PayPal have overcharged me in fees on two of my transactions. When i queried they said that there were additional 'Cross Boarder' fees (border was what they possibly meant?!)

Basically I have ended up selling two items to people who are overseas but who have provided a UK address. These addresses are in fact courier companies who will then forward my items on to them (1 is in Czechoslovakia the other is in Bahrain). I have therefore been charged because they have paid from overseas and/or also have paid in a foreign currency.

It's a pain in the arse and has ended up costing me more.

Has anyone dealt with this? Is there are wording I can put in my listing that stipulates I won't deliver to courier companies and won't take overseas payments? I thought the fact that I didn't quote International postage would make it obvious I was only dealing with UK bidders. I feel stung!

InspectorIkmen Tue 30-Oct-18 11:27:54

I take a lot of payments from all over the world and I've never had that. Very odd. If I were you I'd get back on to them and ask them to clarify how you can avoid such charges in future

19lottie82 Tue 30-Oct-18 16:32:57

I’ve been an eBay seller for over ten years and have never heard of this either.

19lottie82 Tue 30-Oct-18 16:34:29

Maybe this will help

mortgagemoans Thu 01-Nov-18 20:04:51

So if you look at that link 19lottie82 kindly posted it is very definitely a thing. Why have you therefore not being charged for it in over 10 years of trading nor has Inspectorlkmen?? Why just me?!

It's not an extortionate amount for instance: a sale total of £31.25 incurred a PayPal fee of £1.89 when I'd expected £1.26 (buyer was having it freighted out to Bahrain) and a sale of £64 incurred a PayPal fee of £3.21 when I'd expected £2.38 (buyer was having it freighted out to Czechoslovakia)

Some might say don't worry about small amounts, but it all adds up! Also I do worry about the potential for things going wrong when you're effectively going through two postal/courier processes before it ends up with the actual buyer. It's been over a week since I posted off the packages but I have had no feedback to say whether they have arrived with their buyer yet.

I don't think it's worth excluding this type of overseas buyer (even if there was a way I could) but my heart will definitely sink when I see a buyer's address that is obviously an international freight forwarder!

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