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chloesmumtoo Tue 23-Oct-18 09:51:57

I don't know whether it's just me but despite originally using the drop down actions in active selling to remove the auto relist, I now don't have a lot of luck removing it. I seem to uncheck some, some don't have the option and then sometimes things auto relist and some don't. I just used the £1 Max fee offer and listed over twenty items and panicked about if they all relist so done some googling. I found somewhere it was mentioned if you were on the quick listing tool to switch to advanced just to uncheck the auto relist on auctions only. So this is what I have done. Fingers crossed it may solve my issues. Just thought I would share in case it helps anyone else. I shall probably go back to the quick listing tool after auctions end but I was able to uncheck auto relist feature. Fingers crossed it does the trick. I was selling a lot of cheap things and really don't want to be caught with relisting fees.

permana Wed 14-Nov-18 01:45:24

I've been caught out with this before, wiped away all my 'profit' before I realised as it's not clear you get charged each time, especially as you used to get a free second listing on a item. Very sneaky eBay!

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 23-Nov-18 10:57:47

I’ve just been on eBay to ask about this, cue 20 mins conversation with a very helpful lady. This is what I’ve found:

You must use the desktop site, not the app. The app does not allow you to remove the relist option, even if you go back through the desktop ‘classic’ site.

She said create your listing on your phone but don’t start the listing. Then go onto the desktop site and use advanced options ‘business tools’ to open your drafts and start your listing, you can then turn off auto relisting. The business tools option is only available to certain users who sell a lot, but you don’t have to be a business.

It’s a bloody sneaky and unfair system.
If you sell an item for 99p and use their suggested payments for postage, then get auto re-listed at a cost of 35p a time you will make zero profit. Seller beware! Once PayPal take their transaction fee, Ebay’s 10%, listing fee, postage......!!

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