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Have They Stoped Forces Us To Allow Offers?

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chloesmumtoo Tue 16-Oct-18 08:32:44

Just looking at ebay again, thinking of listing a few bits and pieces. But I cannot see it mentioning charging the listing fee if I don't check the allow offer box. Have they by any chance stopped making us tick accept offers? I hope so just a bit cautious and wondered if it is safe to not tick the option now? Don't want extra listing fee......

ilovecherries Tue 16-Oct-18 09:48:44

I listed last night, and it still had the forced offers on then.

chloesmumtoo Tue 16-Oct-18 12:51:50

I don't know if I am overlooking something but definitely not showing that I may be charged this time. Pictures show page view with offers unchecked. I hope that means we can uncheck offers.....

ilovecherries Tue 16-Oct-18 16:42:49

I think you might find when you check the box, the message will change to ‘no listing fee, a final value fee will be payable’.

chloesmumtoo Tue 16-Oct-18 16:57:18

Thanks ilovecherries I will go back and have another look to check it out. Probably wishful thinking grin

chloesmumtoo Tue 16-Oct-18 17:02:14

You are so right, thanks for that information. I would have missed that.

ilovecherries Tue 16-Oct-18 21:34:27

They are very sneaky.

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