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selling a car on ebay!

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sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 20:19:20

Does it cost lots in fees? DH wants to sell his peugeot 206 as it needs some work doing to it, not major work but needs to be done to run properably. Its a 1999 model and I don;t know how much to put it up at. help..

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 20:32:24


southeastastra Thu 14-Jun-07 20:34:12

i wouldn't have thought so, you're not paying paypal fees are you, though i've never done it (yet!) will have a look though

oooggs Thu 14-Jun-07 20:40:16

We listed a car on a free listing day - so not sure how much that costs and when it sold it cost us £30 in fees (no matter how much we sold it for)

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 20:42:23

does anyone have an idea of what to sell the thing for? I have looked on ebay and found 206s that need more work than DHs and they are at silly prices (i think so anyway

southeastastra Thu 14-Jun-07 20:43:00

what work does it need?

sixlostmonkeys Thu 14-Jun-07 20:43:21

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 20:46:34

a new downpipe and a new automatic choke. The downpipe is about £75. Not sure about the choke.

southeastastra Thu 14-Jun-07 21:00:05

sounds painful

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 21:03:44

mmm DH thinks that it wouldn't cost too much to sort out, but its a bit of a money muncher and has cost us a bit to keep it on the road

newlifenewname Thu 14-Jun-07 21:04:50

how beeezar! i've just posted almost the exact same thing! Mine is a 306 though.

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 21:08:52

lol NLNN, Dh's car is in excellent condition bodywise, and clean inside. Just the engine that keeps playing up. The other thing is DH had £500 alloys put on last year, should I remove them and put the tyres that came with the car back on, they were only about 3 months when we took them off.

newlifenewname Thu 14-Jun-07 21:13:04

SGK, when I was looking on Ebay it seemed that if my car was a year or two older it would take a bug depreciation leap which is why I'm going to try and get rid now.

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 21:15:12

I really have no idea what to put it up at. We paid £5000 for it 4 years ago and I don't want to lose lots of money. DH thinks he can sell it for £500 but I think that its too low

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 21:16:06

but it doesn;t have a current MOT and will have no tax, so that will effect the price I know.

southeastastra Thu 14-Jun-07 21:17:12

you will get about £1000 if you spend some money to fix it up. it isn't that old


newlifenewname Thu 14-Jun-07 21:17:14

I reckon hope for a grand but settle for £600.

I'm hoping for £1500 but would settle for £1000.

They don't exactly hold their value I'm finding. Not sure if it is worth the Ebay fees either...

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 21:20:31

I thought £800 would be ok, as it does need work

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 21:24:37

this 206 needs work and is already at £627

newlifenewname Thu 14-Jun-07 21:26:32

Well that totally screws up my theorising! lol

This is what I'm struggling with - there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the ebay bidding on cars.

southeastastra Thu 14-Jun-07 21:28:20

list it there are (hopefully) enough blokes interested in cars to buy it and fix it themselves but be honest

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 23:15:12

Well have listed it at £600. I didn't know what I was doing (have only sold clothes etc) but hope its ok

GrooveisintheHeart Thu 14-Jun-07 23:18:06

i would be tempoted to buy it but dh wont let me. i dont need my own car atm though.

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 23:22:07

tis here

GrooveisintheHeart Thu 14-Jun-07 23:23:34

remove the pic of interior for now, and re-do when its clear inside.

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