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How to set BIN prices on BNWT items?

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ilovecherries Mon 08-Oct-18 16:21:59

I realise this is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but I’m a bit stumped and any pointers welcome.

I’ve been ebaying off and on for years, but have always used auction, apart from once last year when I listed 20 BIN items and they all sold within 90 mins so I’m guessing I priced far too low!

I lost a lot of weight and have a mass of good quality (mainly brands you find in JL clothing, mostly BNWT) to sell. I put a few on last week but have had an irritating run of stupid offers and a lot of NPB so I was thinking of trying BIN. I’m not expecting them to achieve anything like the RRP, but also don’t want to just give them away. Any rules of thumb for a BIN price? Many thanks!

oreosoreosoreos Mon 08-Oct-18 16:29:02

Search for your item (or something similar) on eBay. Filter by completed listings or sold items, then order by price, highest 1st - that will show you what things have sold for on there.

On eBay I usually price a couple of £ higher than I'd like for it, as I fine most people will always offer less, whatever it's priced at!

ilovecherries Mon 08-Oct-18 16:51:01

Yes, sorry, should have said I’ve done that, but didn’t find it helpful as there weren’t any similar BNWT items to compare with - realise this will change on a daily basis, though. Guess I was hoping for some formula eg post at half price/10% of RRP etc that would get me started.

lljkk Tue 09-Oct-18 20:34:59

I start with the highest price I hope to get, then slowly reduce it (revise listing) over the weeks.

lljkk Tue 09-Oct-18 20:35:54

Go for what you paid + 20% as start price.

filka Wed 10-Oct-18 13:48:44

"I start with the highest price I hope to get, then slowly reduce it (revise listing) over the weeks."

Be aware that eBay will do this for you if you do not manage relisting actively - you'll get a cheery message saying "we dropped the price by £x for you" (usually about 10%) and the only way to fix this if it isn't what you want is to manually edit the listing.

To answer the OP, no easy formula. Forget the shop price or the online price, unless you are clearly a retailer (selling through shop format) I would still regard BNWT as second hand and expect to pay a second hand price. The advice to look at similar sold listings is sound.

isseywithcats Wed 24-Oct-18 17:31:36

Even BNWT dont get any where near the price originally paid i sell for a charity and have sold bnwt dresses by high end designers and mainly they have got around 20% of the original price

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