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£3 max final value fee

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lovingmatleave Sat 04-Aug-18 13:34:08

Having a brain freeze at moment - re the above offer - does this mean if I sell something at say £100, then the I would only pay £3 in total rather than the normal around £13.50 final fee? (I normally calculate final fees as around 13% plus a bit for PayPal)

thanks in advance for help!

Twotabbycats Sat 04-Aug-18 13:36:36

Yes that's right, but I think they will take their cut of the postage on top. And don't forget PayPal fees as well!

Twotabbycats Sat 04-Aug-18 13:38:30

Sorry I didn't word that very well, I mean you will pay the normal PayPal fee, but to eBay you'll only pay £3 plus their percentage of the postage blush

nauticant Sun 05-Aug-18 17:50:02

The 10% eBay final value fee (assuming you pay that) will be capped at £3. To get a benefit you're looking at sales of more than £30.

In addition, the 3.4% +20p PayPal fee remains unchanged and will be applied.

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