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Shipping tracking problem - Seller's or Buyer's responsibility?

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Serendipite Wed 01-Aug-18 23:24:18

I bought an item on eBay which was supposedly sent via Express Post on the 31st July.

However, today, the 2nd of August, the tracking shows as still not scanned.

I asked the help of the seller and the seller wrote, "I cannot answer as to why it hasn't been scanned yet by the post" and sent a picture of the parcel.

Since I am the recipient and not the sender, I do not know the sending information (ie. post office location, date/time sent, etc) which are needed to follow up with the post office. Therefore, I have limited information to provide when following up.

I don't want the seller to be annoyed at me. But am I wrong in assuming this is the seller's responsibility? I am also a seller, and I make sure I track the items I sold and follow up with the post office whenever there are tracking issues.

Previously, I politely requested for the item to be sent via Express Post and I will reimburse the difference between Standard Postage ($13.50) and Express Post ($16.40). Seller quoted me $8 additional for the upgrade, which I politely declined and requested her to send via Standard Postage, since I am familiar with the postage difference between Standard and Express and it should just be more or less $2-3. The seller still kindly sent the item via Express Post, and explained that "I have posted via express out of good faith as I understand you need the item urgently. Please note for future reference standard postage for 500g is $8.50, larger items only fit into 3kg satchels which cost $16.40." There is an express post satchel for 500g which costs $11.35, so I do not understand why the bag can be sent using 500g standard postage, but not by 500g express postage.

I asked the seller to send me a Paypal request for $3 so I can pay the difference (I cannot find the seller's email address in the original transaction), but I did not receive any.

I do not want the seller to be annoyed at me. I have already followed up with the post office, but I know that the next questions would be where did I drop off the item, date and time, etc which I cannot answer since I am not the seller.

Am I asking for too much?

Cavycavaprosecco Wed 01-Aug-18 23:27:57

It’s the sellers responsibility, it doesn’t matter if you annoy them - go back to them on it. You’ll have to open a case if it doesn’t arrive and also - I can send anyone a photo of a parcel. It doesn’t mean I’ve posted it!

19lottie82 Wed 01-Aug-18 23:29:50

You’re over complicating things.

If the item hasn’t arrived by the latest day of the delivery estimate then open a not received case with eBay.

The seller will have to prove delivery or refund.

I’m guessing from your currency details you are Not in the U.K. but I imagine the same rules will apply where ever you are.

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